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Class Blog 13th September 2019

All things have been Roald Dahl related this week because on Friday 13thtSeptember it is ‘Roald Dahl Day’!

In English the children started off the week looking at ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ story. We watched the DVD and used our inference and prediction skills. This was followed by retelling the story. Later in the week, we looked at ‘The Twits’- using it to predict what would happen and to write a description of one of the characters. Ask the children what Mr and Mrs Twit are like and you will find out that they live up to their names!

Picture 1

We also used some of Roald Dahl’s stories as the basis of our maths problem solving work. One of the questions involved adding up all the revolting things that could be found in Mr Twit’s beard - yuk!

Our work about plants has continued in science this week. We have looked at what conditions seeds need to start growing and predicting which ones would grow best.

Picture 1

Here we are checking what was happening to some of the seeds; we have already been surprised by the results.

Picture 1
We will look at them again next week to see if our predictions were correct.
Class Blog 6th September 2019

Welcome back to our new year 2s and welcome to Kangaroo Class. The children have settled in really well, are getting to know their new adults and routines and are looking forward to the responsibilities that being the oldest children in the school brings.

Even though it is only the first week back, we have already started lots of different learning activities and topics. This term our learning theme in the afternoons is ‘Amazing Eckington’. The children know lots about our town already and are very keen to find out more. In science, our topic is plants. We will be finding out what the different parts of plants do, what they need to grow and which parts of the plants we eat! Maybe you could talk to your children about whether they are eating the root, stem, leaves, flower or seeds of plants when you are having a meal?

Picture 1

In English, we have started looking at a story called ‘The Lion Inside’ about a lion and a mouse. The children have amazed the adults with their memory skills and remembering some tricky vocabulary we have met - ask your child if they can tell you what ‘craggy’, ‘meekest’, ‘ignored’ and ‘tough’ mean!

Picture 1