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Welcome to Kangaroos Class!



Class Blog 18th December 2020

This week we have been preparing for Christmas… we have finished our Christmas cards, made calendars and really cute reindeers. The children have enjoyed talking about how they get their house ready for Christmas eve and writing instructions to match.

We have been keeping our maths skills going – counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s and matching numbers to stockings! We have also been practising our handwriting – keeping our letters on the lines and forming them correctly.


I hope you all enjoyed watching the Christmas nativity on the website – the children were AMAZING!


Thank you for all your support with your children’s learning this term – wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year. See you all in January after a good rest J

Class Blog 11th December 2020

This week we have been looking at poetry in English. We have read lots of Christmas and wintery poems and identified rhyming words. We then made a rhyming string and some rhyming sentences. However not all poetry has to rhyme so we looked at how we could create our own non rhyming poem following the structure of another. Here is our class one….

I am…

Face stinging

Tree covering

Nose glowing

Ice glittering

Boot wetting


I am snow!

We have also been practising the names of many different sided shapes and doing a recap on the properties.


We sang our Christmas songs and they will be on the website soon – the children were wonderful! We also started making a Christmas card and the children are excited to share these with you when finished J

Class Blog 4th December 2020

This week has seen the start of Christmas and our classroom has a lovely festive tree up…

We also started learning some songs for our Christmas play and making headresses to wear. We are excited to perform!


We have designed our very own story setting this week in English and written some fantastic descriptions about it. In maths we have learned about symmetry and patterns of shape.


We also had lots of fun with a sports fest workshop where the children developed their athletics skills and supported each other in ‘team work’.

Class Blog 27th November 2020

This week has been fun – we looked at the differences between houses in the past and modern day houses and discussed reasons why the Great Fire might have spread so quickly.

We also read a lovely story about ‘Families’. We then thought about our own family and the children had an opportunity to talk about why each member of their family is special. After that we made a family portrait using our finger prints …they were so cute!

We have learned about 2D and 3D shapes in maths and now know about properties of each shape. In English we have been thinking about the different settings of our favourite stories and writing some good descriptions using the power of 3!

Class Blog 20th November 2020

Fire! Fire! This week we have been learning about the Great Fire of London and took part in a class quiz where we competed against the computer to answer the questions correctly….Where did the fire start? Why? How was it put out? Where were the fire engines? The children have shown so much interest in this topic and produced some fantastic chalk drawings.

We have been planning and preparing a sequel to our English focus story and had some fantastic ideas from everyone.

We have also been virtual shopping with our money and can now recognise coins and notes with much more confidence!

Well done everyone you have worked hard this week. We are super proud of you all😊

Class Blog 13th November 2020

This week we have finished reading Fantastic Mr Fox and the children are getting excited for our new Class story by Enid Blyton.

We have based our English around another great story – Three Little Wolves and the Big, Bad Pig and have enjoyed comparing it to the original Three Little Pigs and doing some excellent character profiles of the ‘baddies’.


In maths we have started looking at money in all forms and figuring out which purse has more, most and least money in and how many pennies in each of the other coins.


Our ‘Day in India’ was so much fun – learning lots of new facts and spending some time with a special visitor who taught us some lovely dancing. We looked at some of the yummy Indian dishes and decided that curry is an all round thumbs up!!

Class Blog 6th November 2020

Welcome back to school everyone – we hope you enjoyed a restful half term and thank you to all the children who worked so hard with their half term holiday homework!

This week we have read lots of poetry especially poems about Bonfire night and Fireworks. The children have worked super hard creating their own poetry with some great describing words and pictures.


We had great fun looking at signs of Autumn and creating our very own leaf people….
We then looked at the wonderful artistic work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo – an Italian painter known for creating imaginative portrait heads made of fruits and vegetables and made some of our own!

Aren’t they lovely?!

Class Blog 22nd October 2020

This week has been lots of fun – we had a visit from ‘Inter Athletics’ who taught us a selection of PE skills and we had our school Disco where the children showed off their dance moves!!

We have been practising using our phonics learning to write about a film clip called ‘The caterpillar shoes’. The children were inspired to produce some high quality writing and we are proud of all their efforts.

We also learned about the ‘Giants Causeway’ and the story behind it. The children loved cutting out hexagons to build their own version.

Thank you to all of the children in Kangaroos class for working so hard this half term and we hope you have a wonderful holiday J

Class Blog 16th October 2020

What another busy week! We continued our dragons theme and have written some fantastic reports about Komodo Dragons. The children have impressed us with their efforts and have been excited to learn more. Did you know that baby Komodo dragons have to run away and climb up trees to avoid being eaten by their mother?!

In maths we have practised our number bond partners and are getting good at not dropping the imaginary ping pong ball! (Ask the children for details – they could play this at home too).

We have followed our ‘Brilliant Britain’ learning all the way to London and talked about some famous landmarks there…

We have also learned about Harvest time and enjoyed singing along to ‘Cauliflowers fluffy’….

A happy, feel good song 😊

Class Blog 9th October 2020

This week we have enjoyed reading stories about dragons and then comparing fictional characters to real life non-fiction texts. We have started collecting facts and interesting information about the Komodo dragon with a view to writing a report about them. All the children have loved learning about this topic and we look forward to continue this next week!

In maths we have learned to count in 3’s and set ourselves a challenge to count to 30 without looking at the 100 square! Great fun J

Thank you to all the children who have researched our ‘Aspirations’ at home and shared this learning with the class.

Class Blog 2nd October 2020

What a super week.. our beanstalks have grown and our cress grew too (even the ones in the fridge grew a little bit!)

The children have enjoyed counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and applying this to counting different amounts of 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

We have also started reading ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ as our class book and everyone is loving it so far J We have discovered what a caterpillar tractor is from the story and are all hoping that the foxes escape!

The children have researched information for their ‘Aspirations’ about why a flamingo stands on one leg and some amazing drawings have been done.

Class Blog 25th September 2020

This week we had a special visitor – a poet came to school and did some distance learning poetry workshops with the children. Our class wrote a lovely class poem together with him about a horse. It was great and the children had lots of fun!

We have also been spending some time this week learning about the Birk Hill Values and how they link to the British Values. We talked about respect and shared our feelings then decided what makes a good friend. We made a friendship tree to represent kindness and respect…
Class Blog 18th September 2020

Finally everyone is back in school and we have enjoyed seeing our old friends and catching up J

Although it isn’t what we are used to, the children have done really well adapting to the new ‘normal’ and settling in well.


This week in Kangaroos class we have been practising our counting and spotting patterns in numbers on the 100 square. We have learned some rhymes to help us with odd and even numbers and have read Jim and the Beanstalk as an alternative to Jack. The children have worked super hard on practising their phonics sounds and we have shared facts that we know about our new learning theme topic ‘Brilliant Britain’. In Science we have planted some beans and some cress seeds and enjoyed learning about how things grow. It has been fun coming to school in our PE kits and playing a new traffic game.


Thanks everyone for supporting your children and us on their return to school.