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Welcome to Kangaroos Class!



Class Blog 1st July 2022

This week we had 2 African workshops linked to our ‘Taste of Africa’ theme – a drumming one and a dancing one. The children had so much fun and learned some fantastic sequences in both. They came back to class singing and chanting with huge smiles on their faces!

Class Blog 24th June 2022

This week we went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and we had so much fun! Our favourite animals were the giraffes, rhinos, polar bears, camels and lions (although they were sleeping in the shade so a little bit hidden!)

We got to hold some of the smaller creatures in the classroom tent and learned lots of new facts.

Class Blog 17th June 2022

Some of the Year 2 children walked down to the church for an outdoor service for the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War. They made and stuck poppies in the grass and met the parents of an ex Birk Hill pupil who died in the war.

We have continued learning about time this week and the children are wowing us with their time telling abilities!

Class Blog 10th June 2022

The children in Kangaroo class have had a lovely first week back at school. We have introduced our new value for this half term – ‘responsibility’ and talked with Reanne the nurse puppet about how we can all take responsibility for our actions and our learning. We have also started learning how to tell the time.

Class Blog 27th May 2022

What a lovely day of Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations we have had…

The children made paper chains – long enough to go all round school when we joined them altogether! We made flags, sang the national anthem, drew the other half of the Queen’s face and ate cake!! Lots of fun had all round.

Class Blog 20th May 2022

This week we have worked super hard on our ‘special booklets’ and had some extra playtime for our efforts J

In science we have been learning about different habitats and understanding how animals adapt to live successfully in their habitats.

Class Blog 13th May 2022

This week we have enjoyed a physical activity session run by the Shape Learning Partnership - all the children participated and had great fun!

In guided reading we have also been practising answering comprehension style questions from short stories and ‘hunting’ for the answers within the text.

Class Blog 6th May 2022

This week we have used the chrome books to make our own music. The children came up with some fantastic varieties.

We have also been learning about fractions and how to split shapes and numbers into halves, quarters and thirds.

Class Blog 29th April 2022

This week we have had so much fun… spending our time learning about good hygiene, stories from other cultures and the continents and oceans. Ask your child if they can remember the continents song to sing to you or explain the germ experiment where glitter ended up EVERYWHERE!!!

We learned how to halve shapes and numbers and read stories from other cultures. We have also had a fantastic time biking around the playground and everyone came back smiling J