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Birk Hill Infant and Nursery School
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Welcome to Kangaroos Class!



Class Blog 1st March 2024

This week we introduced a new spotlight author to Kangaroo class. We have been loving listening to stories by Lynley Dodd during our snack time!

Class Blog 16th February 2024

This week in Kangaroo class we opened our pop up ‘Birk Hill Gallery’ to parents and families. We loved showcasing all of our amazing artwork and sharing our recent learning about Stephen Wiltshire, Vincent Van Gogh, colour mixing and print making.

Class Blog 9th February 2024

This week we were visited by PC Niall from Derbyshire Police. He talked to us about different jobs within the police force, and how to contact the police safely.

Class Blog 2nd February 2024

In PE we have been learning to develop our balancing skills by walking and marching along a line. We then took turns to travel around a dynamic balance circuit made up of different levels of apparatus and equipment.

Class Blog 26th January 2024

In History we have been learning about toys from the past and comparing them to the toys we have today. We looked at a range of old and new toys and discussed their similarities and differences.

Class Blog 19th January 2024

In science we have been learning about materials. This week we went on a materials hunt around the classroom and wrote down their different uses. We found that the material which is most used in our classroom is wood because we have lots of wooden tables, doors and cupboards!

Class Blog 12th January 2024

In computing we have been learning how to construct a binary tree to separate different items. We thought about the different questions we could ask to separate a range of avatars into smaller groups.

Class Blog 22nd December 2023

This week we have been making our calendars and Christmas cards. We drew pictures of our houses through the four seasons for our calendars this year. We can’t wait to use them throughout 2024.

Class Blog 15th December 2023

In maths we have been learning about properties of 3D shapes. We looked at a range of 3D shapes and counted their edges, faces and vertices.

Class Blog 8th December 2023

This week, on the 7th of December we took part in our annual Christmas jumper day to help raise money for Save the Children. How festive do all the children look!?

Class Blog 1st December 2023

This term, in R.E we have been learning about different religious celebrations. This week we learnt about Diwali and looked at the many ways in which people celebrate it. We created our own Rangoli patterns, which are bright patterns that people leave on the floor by the door to welcome visitors and encourage the goddess Lakshmi into their homes.

Class Blog 17th November 2023

This week we have been looking at how Eckington played a part in World War 2. We learnt that Eckington woods were used as a starfish site.

Lights were hung in the trees as a decoy for the German bombers to trick them into thinking this was Sheffield!

Class Blog 27th October 2023

This week we have been reading lots of different poems about harvest and bonfire night.

We learned about some different types of poetry and wrote some fantastic acrostic poems.

Class Blog 20th October 2023

This week in our parent assembly we showed how hard we have been working and all our super learning. The children were fantastic!

13th October 2023

This week we have worked hard planning and creating our Komodo dragon non-fiction booklets.

We have been thinking about what we would like to show our parents in next week’s class assembly. We think you will all be blown away with the impressive learning we have to show you all!

6th October 2023

This week we had a visit from Chris from the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service. Chris taught us about fire safety and Dexter the dog gave us some tips about how to do a home fire safety check.

In English, we have been learning about the difference between fiction and non-fiction and collected some facts about Komodo dragons in preparation for writing a non-fiction report! The children have been extremely interested to learn about this incredible reptile!

Class Blog 29th September 2023

In maths we have been counting in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 3’s, spotting patterns and completing sequences.

This week in Science we have been checking the progress of our beans and cress and learning about how bulbs have a store of food inside them. We are all very excited about who will get the first leaf!

Class Blog 22nd September 2023

This week in PE we have been developing our footwork with fluency and control. We love PE!

In maths we have been counting the multiples of 10 on a number line and learning how to estimate numbers on a number line. Our estimating is pretty good!!

Class Blog 15th September 2023

This week we have used texture and pattern and thick and thin lines to recreate the art work of Stephen Wiltshire. The children took their inspiration from the buildings they know around Eckington. Aren’t they fantastic?!

In English we have been reading the story of Jim and the Beanstalk and have made a character profile of the giant. The children thought of some super adjectives to describe him.

Class Blog 8th September 2023

Welcome back everyone!

What a fantastic first week we have had…


The children have settled in really well and learned lots of new things. In maths we have enjoyed practising matching the correct tens and ones to dienes.

Playtime was fun today – some children made a room for their teddies who were having a sleepover. They talked with enthusiasm about the TV screen, the sofa and the beds that they had set up J