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Welcome to Kangaroos Class!



Class Blog 16th October 2020

What another busy week! We continued our dragons theme and have written some fantastic reports about Komodo Dragons. The children have impressed us with their efforts and have been excited to learn more. Did you know that baby Komodo dragons have to run away and climb up trees to avoid being eaten by their mother?!

In maths we have practised our number bond partners and are getting good at not dropping the imaginary ping pong ball! (Ask the children for details – they could play this at home too).

We have followed our ‘Brilliant Britain’ learning all the way to London and talked about some famous landmarks there…

We have also learned about Harvest time and enjoyed singing along to ‘Cauliflowers fluffy’….

A happy, feel good song 😊

Class Blog 9th October 2020

This week we have enjoyed reading stories about dragons and then comparing fictional characters to real life non-fiction texts. We have started collecting facts and interesting information about the Komodo dragon with a view to writing a report about them. All the children have loved learning about this topic and we look forward to continue this next week!

In maths we have learned to count in 3’s and set ourselves a challenge to count to 30 without looking at the 100 square! Great fun J

Thank you to all the children who have researched our ‘Aspirations’ at home and shared this learning with the class.

Class Blog 2nd October 2020

What a super week.. our beanstalks have grown and our cress grew too (even the ones in the fridge grew a little bit!)

The children have enjoyed counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and applying this to counting different amounts of 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

We have also started reading ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ as our class book and everyone is loving it so far J We have discovered what a caterpillar tractor is from the story and are all hoping that the foxes escape!

The children have researched information for their ‘Aspirations’ about why a flamingo stands on one leg and some amazing drawings have been done.

Class Blog 25th September 2020

This week we had a special visitor – a poet came to school and did some distance learning poetry workshops with the children. Our class wrote a lovely class poem together with him about a horse. It was great and the children had lots of fun!

We have also been spending some time this week learning about the Birk Hill Values and how they link to the British Values. We talked about respect and shared our feelings then decided what makes a good friend. We made a friendship tree to represent kindness and respect…
Class Blog 18th September 2020

Finally everyone is back in school and we have enjoyed seeing our old friends and catching up J

Although it isn’t what we are used to, the children have done really well adapting to the new ‘normal’ and settling in well.


This week in Kangaroos class we have been practising our counting and spotting patterns in numbers on the 100 square. We have learned some rhymes to help us with odd and even numbers and have read Jim and the Beanstalk as an alternative to Jack. The children have worked super hard on practising their phonics sounds and we have shared facts that we know about our new learning theme topic ‘Brilliant Britain’. In Science we have planted some beans and some cress seeds and enjoyed learning about how things grow. It has been fun coming to school in our PE kits and playing a new traffic game.


Thanks everyone for supporting your children and us on their return to school.