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At Birk Hill we believe that reading is fundamental to children’s education. We plan and encourage a range of reading experiences so that the children can use and apply their reading skills across the curriculum. Your child will start by learning the phoneme (sound that each letter represents and by learning to read key words – sometimes referred to as ‘tricky’ words).


We encourage children to read widely by promoting reading through a range of approaches including:

  • reading regularly to the children and sharing books together.

  • listening to and watching stories on the interactive whiteboards.

  • telling stories.

  • encouraging the children to read for pleasure in and around our school reading areas, library and classrooms.


As your child becomes a more confident and fluent reader, we continue to teach them the two key elements of reading – word recognition and comprehension.


Word reading:

This teaches the children to apply their phonic knowledge to read words, learn tricky words that don’t follow obvious reading patterns and rules, read quickly and accurately, read aloud and to themselves and to re-read books to build up fluency and confidence.



This teaches children to listen to, discuss and express their views, discuss the sequence of events in a story, understand non-fiction as well as fiction books and poetry, discuss favourite words and phrases, recognise recurring language, check that text makes sense and draw on background information, answering and asking questions and making inferences and predictions about what might happen next.


As you will already be aware, your child reads regularly in school during whole class shared reading, guided reading in a group and through individual reading sessions with a member of staff.


If your child has taken part in a guided reading session then you will see this in their reading record.


Your child will take home a reading book from school; we do not follow any one scheme for reading but source our reading books from many different schemes. These books are then ‘banded’ into colours which progress through the school. The different coloured bands are progressive and different coloured bands relate to year group age related expectations in reading.


Your child may also receive extra support in reading. This is not anything to worry about and does not mean that your child is in any way ‘falling behind’ in their reading. What it does mean is that we have identified that some children have the potential to make progress in their reading skills and we want to give them an extra boost so that they can be the best that they can be!


At Birk Hill Infant School we want all of our children to enjoy books and reading. Please encourage as much reading as you can at home, as often as you possibly can. This can be done through letting your child read signs and posters when walking home from school or in and around the shops, let your child see you reading, share bed time stories together (even if you’re asked to read the same story over and over again!) and encourage your child to read to you, we always recommend little and often.


If you have any questions about reading or any concerns about you child and their reading please come in and speak to your child’s class teacher, or a member of staff who will only be too happy to help.