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Class Blog 3rd February 2023

This week we had our first Bikeability session. It was lots of fun!

In our garden we have been building dens. This week our den has been the 3 Little Pigs house and the Big Bad Wolf has been trying to blow it down.

Class Blog 27th January 2023

We have learnt how blubber keeps Arctic animals warm. To help us understand how blubber works we conducted an experiment. First we held the ice in our hands and felt how cold it was. Then we put gloves on, to act as the blubber, and talked about how our hands stayed warmer for longer!

In our home corner we planned a journey just like Paco from our story ‘Once upon a penguin’. We thought carefully about what we would need to take and then segmented our words as we wrote them.

Class Blog 20th January 2023

We spent a day in China! We listened to the Chinese New Year story, took part in a traditional Chinese dance and had a go at writing using Chinese letters.

We enjoyed exploring the different patterns and shapes we could make in the frost. First, we found different objects to make the patterns and then we described the patterns to our friends. “The leopard has smaller footprints than the elephant.”

Class Blog 13th January 2023

To start our learning theme of Snow and Ice we have read the book ‘Be Brave Little Penguin’ by Giles Andreae. We talked about the events in the book and created story boards to show the beginning, middle and end.

Our Magical Ice Kingdom with a hot chocolate stand has opened for business this week. We have enjoyed hosting parties and serving hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Class Blog 22nd December 2022

This week we have been sharing our favourite Christmas stories which have included ‘How to Catch Santa’ and ‘Sproutzilla’. We have also been making gingerbread people using the playdough. Today we followed a recipe, weighed out our ingredients and baked our own Gingerbread people. They were yummy!

Class Blog 16th December 2022

Christmas Jumper Day! We enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers to school and talked about how our donations will help other people.

We have spent a lot of time outside this week, exploring and talking about the snow and ice in our Tiger garden. We found lots of signs of animals, including frozen cobwebs and animal footprints.

Class Blog 9th December 2022

Our focus text this week has been Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson. We have had lots of fun making nests for dinosaur eggs and creating our own dinosaur masks.

As we are getting nearer to Christmas we have been writing letters to Santa and Christmas lists!

Class Blog 2nd December 2022

This week we have been making moving dinosaurs to help us strengthen the muscles in our fingers! We had to cut the body parts out before making a hole for the split pin to go through. Once we had assembled our dinosaur we got to decorate it!

Our maths focus this week has been the composition of numbers 4 and 5. We have explored the different ways of making these numbers using the part-part whole method.

Class Blog 25th November 2022

To support our learning theme of dinosaurs we have explored non-fiction texts. We found the contents page, the index and then read facts about our favourite dinosaurs. As a class we then practised writing a fact before having a go on our own.

Our Tiger mud kitchen has now opened!

The children had great fun creating their own menu. Whilst exploring in the mud kitchen it will help us to develop strength in our larger muscles which will help us with our mark making.

Class Blog 18th November 2022

This week we have taken part in our very first class assembly! We had lots of fun singing songs, acting out our story and showing our best art work to our families.

In our outdoor area we have created our own version of Jurassic World! As a class we thought about the different equipment we would need and then collected it together. We are now enjoying using the Jurassic World area to create dinosaur enclosures and to become palaeontologists.

Class Blog 11th November 2022

Our maths learning this week has been all about the number 3. We have used our hoops and bean bags to explore the different ways that we can make 3. As we threw the beanbags we discussed what we could see using vocabulary such as: “I can see 2 inside and 1 on the floor” or “I can see 3 beanbags in the hoop”.

Our aspiration learning this week was all about the Vikings! We learnt about the long boats they used to sail across the sea, the helmets and shields they used to protect themselves and their long houses. We compared the Viking long houses to our own homes and decided that we prefer ours! Take a look at the boats and shields we made.

Class Blog 4th November 2022

Our new learning theme this half term is dinosaurs!

We have been reading the book Bumpus Rumpus Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton. We have learnt lots of new dinosaur names including Deinosuchus, Styracosaurus and Pteranodon. To help us understand how long ago dinosaurs lived we have created our own historical timeline, adding key people such as Mary Anning who found a 5.2metre dinosaur!

As part of our dinosaur topic we have opened a Dinosaur Museum in our classroom! We have enjoyed becoming palaeontologists and exploring different fossils, bones and dinosaurs.

Class Blog 21st October 2022

This week we have been to India! As part of our day in India we read the Diwali story, took part in an Indian dance workshop, and tasted Indian food.

We are amazing phonics learners in Tiger Class! We have been listening carefully to the initial sounds in words and then matching the objects to the correct letter. Some of us have even been able to think of our own words and draw pictures to put into the sorting hoops too!

Class Blog 14th October 2022

This week we have been learning about repeating patterns in maths. We started by finding patterns in our classroom before continuing and then making our own!

Our aspiration learning this week has been all about how to cross a road safely. After talking about stopping to look and listen and staying with our adults, we practiced on our own road in Tiger Garden.

Class Blog 7th October 2022

This week we have been reading the story ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. We have been thinking about the different emotions the colour monster feels in the book, and how the colours are used to represent the different emotions. As part of our theme work we have made our very own colour monsters!

As the weather has started to change we have begun our learning about Autumn. We have thought about the changes that we will see, and we even went on an Autumn hunt to see if there are any signs that the seasons are changing in our school grounds. We found acorns and lots of leaves which had changed colour!

Class Blog 30th September 2022

Our topic focus this week has been responsibility. We met Reanna the Nurse who helped us think about what we are responsible for in school - looking after our property and our toys and taking care of each other.

During our exploring time outside we have been pirates this week! We built a pirate ship with a mast and sail, a wheel, and used cones as fog horns.

Class Blog 23rd September 2022

This week we have been learning all about teamwork. To help us with this we met Ted Astronaut. We talked about how we need to help our friends and listen to what others are saying. Here we are working as part of a team to help animals cross a river!

To prepare us for writing we are strengthening our finger muscles by completing different challenges. One of our challenges this week was to put an astronaut back together by cutting around the different body parts and gluing them back in the correct place.

Class Blog 16th September 2022

This week in Class 6 we have been exploring shapes. We first recalled all of the different shapes we could remember, then we used shape finders to look around our classroom and garden to find them. We even managed to find the corners on our shapes too!

As part of our topic we have been learning all about Reuben Firefighter who always shows respect. We thought carefully about what it means to show respect and shared these ideas with our friends. We decided that we need to be kind, listen to our friends and look after our property. After talking about Reuben some of Tiger Class built their own fire station in our garden!