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Welcome to Bears Class!

Class Blog 20th January 2023

This week the children experienced a day in China. Throughout the day they had a lesson in Chinese dancing, learnt about Chinese New Year, panda bears, and got to eat some Chinese foods including: prawn crackers, noodles, egg fried rice and lychees. In our classroom, the home corner was transformed into a Chinese restaurant and the children practised using chopsticks.

We have enjoyed painting with ice this week. The children loved the ice paints, making marks, and the cold weather kept them nice and frozen whilst outside, so we got to use them for longer.

Class Blog 16th December 2022

This week the children enjoyed exploring outside in the cold, wintery weather. We discovered some animal footprints in the snow in our garden, so we took some photographs, and then used the computer to identify them. We discovered they were the footprints of a fox and an owl.

The children have been reviewing their learning about dinosaurs with ‘dinosaur land’. We have created this over the last few weeks. The children can recall where dinosaurs lived, what they eat, and that they are now extinct.

Class Blog 9th December 2022

We are continuing with our learning on dinosaurs, looking at how they were born from eggs. We had a dinosaur nest set up in class. The children have had fun creating ‘dinosaur-land’ which we are building with cardboard, toilet rolls, and newspaper.

Today we celebrated Christmas Jumper Day. The children all looked festive and cheerful. The Christmas countdown has started!

Class Blog 2nd December 2022

This week the children have continued to look at bigger and smaller amounts in Maths. We explored this using building blocks and the children each built two towers – one bigger and one smaller. The children then had to count how many blocks in each tower, developing their numeracy skills.

We have started a daily dough disco this week. This is where each child is given a ball of play dough, and whilst listening to music, they complete various movements with the dough in their hands such as rolling, patting, squeezing and passing behind their back. This is great for developing fine motor skills to support pencil grip for writing.

Class Blog 25th November 2022

This week the Brilliant Bears performed our class assembly in front of their grown ups and the whole school, and they did an AMAZING job!!

They showed enthusiasm, confidence, and above all great teamwork, working together to put on a fantastic performance. Well done Class 8, you should all be super proud!

We had great fun through exploration and imaginative play, creating our own version of the song ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’.

The children lined up some cardboard blocks, and used the carpet as a blue pond. We sang the song, and each child took it in turns to jump into the pond like a frog. From this activity, the children developed their communication and listening skills, numeracy skills, and physical development skills.

Class Blog 11th November 2022

This week the children have been creative, making their own paper plate dinosaurs. They had lots of fun painting and printing with sponges, creating some wonderful, colourful dinosaurs.

In maths this week we have been looking at sizing – bigger and smaller. We explored with dinosaurs at the start of the week, sizing different dinosaurs in order from biggest to smallest. The children then had a go at sizing themselves in a line.

Class Blog 4th November 2022

This week we have started our new learning theme, Dinosaurs. We have started our learning with a book called ‘Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs’. In our classroom, we have a basketful of five different dinosaurs we have been learning the names of – Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and Pterodactyl.

The children have enjoyed exploring dinosaurs, from looking at where dinosaurs might live, to painting them outside and washing them clean. Lots of dinosaur exploration fun has been had this week.

Class Blog 21st October 2022

This week the children enjoyed a learning experience all about a day in India. The children had their passports stamped with the Indian flag, and enjoyed many different Indian themed experiences, including Bollywood dancing, and tasting Indian foods.

It has been lovely to see so many children in Class 8 this week reading for pleasure, simply enjoying the reading books in our classroom, and developing their literacy skills.

Class Blog 7th October 2022

This week the children have enjoyed exploring in our new ‘Story Suitcase’ that lives in our reading corner and supports the children’s learning about our focus Author – Eric Carle.

The story we are looking at is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the children have been learning new vocabulary through the story, and having a go at sequencing the story themselves with picture cards, all supporting their development in literacy.

This week in maths, the children have been practising their counting, and learning to recognise numbers. With a large dice we have played maths games where the children have to try and fast recognise the number without counting. This is known as subitising, and will support the children in developing their maths skills.

Class Blog 30th September 2022

In class 8 this week, some children got to meet a special visitor that Mrs Deffley brought into the classroom.

Chum is a 4-year-old tortoise, and the children were fascinated by him! They loved the patterns on his shell, and enjoyed watching him walk around the carpet, with some children giving him a little pat on his shell!

The children have been learning new sounds in our daily phonics lessons this week, with a focus on the sounds – S, A and T.

To support this learning, we have played a game called ‘What’s in the Box?’ Inside the box, were different objects beginning with these sounds. On Thursday we played a sorting game with these objects, and the children had to match the object to the sound. They all did a great job!

Class Blog 23rd September 2022

This week Class 8 have continued with our learning theme ‘The Birk Hill Way’, continuing to learn about Ruben Respect.

The children have decorated their handprints, and these are ready to go on the wall in our classroom to create a respect tree. During circle time, the children gave small sentences about what respect means to them.

We have been playing team games this week, which has been great fun. The children have been listening to the rules of the games and following instructions, all part of developing their communication and listening skills. They have enjoyed playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and ‘Stuck in the Mud’.

Class Blog 16th September 2022

This week the children have been busy painting their self-portraits for our Brilliant Bears class display. The children used mirrors to observe their own features, looking carefully at the colour of their eyes and hair. I’m sure you will agree they have captured themselves beautifully!

The children have been introduced to Ruben Firefighter this week. Ruben is one of our Birk Hill friends and he always shows respect. We have been talking in class about respect and what this means. Being kind to our friends, sharing, and looking after the things we play with in school and at home. The children have learnt a song about Ruben which I am sure they will be able to sing for you at home.