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Class Blog 24th March 2023

In English this week we had a bear visit class and spend the day with us. We wrote our own comic strips retelling the bear’s adventures.

In maths we have been learning about measuring weight and capacity. We weighed different objects in our classroom using cubes.  

Class Blog 17th March 2023

In English this week we have been reading the story of ‘This is the bear and the scary night’ by Sarah Hayes.

In science this week we have been learning about habitats. We matched animals to their habitats.

Class Blog 10th March 2023

Over the past two weeks in English, we have been finding out about penguins. We learnt about the lifecycle of an Emperor penguin and then found out some amazing facts about penguins.

Did you know that they can swim underwater for 22 minutes? And it’s the Daddy penguin who looks after the egg. He has to balance it on his feet to keep it off the ice for 2 whole months without eating anything!

Class Blog 3rd March 2023

On Thursday this week we had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. Our theme was Alice in Wonderland. We played a guess the story game, shared books with friends and had fun at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Class Blog 16th February 2023

In maths this week we have been learning different strategies for working out subtraction. We learnt about how we can find the difference between two numbers.

In design and technology this term we have been learning about mechanisms. We have made model boats with a winding anchor.

Class Blog 10th February 2023

On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day. In the afternoon we learnt about how to stay safe online using the SMART safety tips. Then we made posters showing what we had learnt.

In science this week we have been learning about different types of animals. We sorted our toy animals into the different groups.

Class Blog 3rd February 2023

Thank you to all of our grown-ups who came and watched us in our assembly. We hope you enjoyed hearing about some of the things we have been learning about.

Last Friday we went on a bear hunt around the school. We went through the long grass, trees, ‘river’ and even a ready-brek snowstorm! Then we crept into the ‘cave’ and found a bear!

We have really enjoyed our reading of the bear hunt story. In our classroom we have a story table which we like to use to help us retell the story.

Class Blog 27th January 2023

This week in science we have been exploring our senses. We used our five senses to complete different senses guessing games. We used our sense of touch to guess the object in the bag. We used our sense of smell to guess the contents of the cup. But our favourite was using our sense of taste to guess the different flavour of crisp!

In design technology we have been learning about mechanisms. We worked together to make a winding mechanism to rescue a Lego man from the water.

Class Blog 20th January 2023

On Tuesday we had one of our cultural days and learnt about the country and culture of China. We made flags, Chinese dragons and tried our hand at writing our names in Chinese writing.

We tried to write our name in Chinese writing.

We also had a great dance session where we learnt to dance with Chinese fans.

Class Blog 13th January 2023

In English this week we have been reading the Wide-Awake Hedgehog by Rosie Wellesley. We are finding out about hedgehogs ready to write a fact-file next week.

Our Birk Hill value for this term is ‘perseverance’. In PSHE we talked about what it meant and then completed a perseverance challenge that Mrs Smith set us: How tall could we build a tower of Numberblocks before it fell over? We had to keep on trying, but we worked together and some of our towers were more than 30 blocks high!!!

Class Blog 16th December 2022

In English we have been writing letters to Santa. We are getting very excited about him coming soon.

Thank you for coming to watch us in our Christmas play. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed performing.    

Class Blog 9th December 2022

In English this week we have been reading the Jolly Christmas Postman. We loved looking at all the different things hidden in the envelopes.

In maths we have continued our work on shapes. This week we made and completed shape patterns.

Class Blog 2nd December 2022

In maths this week we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We went around school to see if we could find objects to match the different shapes. We also tried making shapes out of playdough.

Class Blog 25th November 2022

In science this term we are learning about the seasons. This week we thought about what we wear in each season of the year.

In maths we have been learning to double numbers. We used ladybirds to help us. Ask us to see how many doubles we can remember!

Class Blog 11th November 2022

In English this week we have been reading the Three Little Pigs story. We have been describing the characters of the wolf and pigs using adjectives.

In maths we have been using part-whole models to write addition and subtraction sums.

Class Blog 4th November 2022

Thank you for all coming to watch our class assembly this week. We enjoyed sharing our learning with you all.

In the afternoons this week we have started our history learning. We learnt about houses from the past and then made models of some of them.

On Thursday afternoon we talked about firework safety. Then we worked together to make firework safety posters.

Class Blog 21st October 2022

On Tuesday we learnt all about India, during our cultural day. We did Bollywood dancing, tried Indian food and made rangoli patterns with seeds and lentils.

Class Blog 14th October 2022

This week in maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10.

On Tuesday we had a sports workshop with Liam from the sports partnership. We practiced our balancing to build up our core strength.

Class Blog 7th October 2022

In English time we have been writing wanted posters based on our class story ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes.   

In geography this week we have been learning about Scotland.

Class Blog 30th September 2022

In aspiration time we have chosen to learn about tortoises. This week we had a special visitor in class, Mrs Deffley’s tortoise!

In geography this week we have been learning about England. We learnt about some of the famous landmarks of England. Some of us made models of Stonehenge out of playdough.

Class Blog 23rd September 2022

This week in maths, Charlie crocodile has been helping us to compare numbers.

In science, we worked with a partner to create a collage showing the parts of a plant.

Class Blog 16th September 2022

This week in maths we have been comparing numbers to 10 and 20. On Monday we sorted numbers according to whether they were more or less than a target number.

In Science this term we are learning about plants. We went on a plant hunt around our playground. These are some of the plants we found.