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Birk Hill Infant and Nursery School
Spending each day in learning, laughter and love.
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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mrs S Birch - Headteacher

Miss D Pollitt - Early Years Leader

Miss L Smith - Early Years Teacher

Miss C Pratt - Early Years Teacher

Mrs C Smith - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs L Bradshaw - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs A Fairweather - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs A Siddall - Year 2 Teacher


Teaching Assistants and Support Staff

Mrs M Holland – Nursery Nurse / Teaching Assistant

Miss K Jones - Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Franklin – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Cornthwaite – Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Priestley – Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Durber-Evans – Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Farnen – Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Deffley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R King - Teaching Assistant
Mr D Bell – School Business Officer
Mrs S Gavins – Clerical Assistant
Mr K Ashton – Centre Manager
Mrs S Herring – Cluster Caterer
Mrs H Treweek – Catering Unit Supervisor
Mrs G Clifton – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs L Turton - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Skingle - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs L Goonan - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs T Farnen – Lunchtime Playleader
Mrs L Machin – Senior Mid-day Supervisor
Mrs L James – Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Z Deffley - Mid-day Supervisor

Miss S Fearn - Mid-day Supervisor

Miss T Rodgers - Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs G Lees - Mid-day Supervisor