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Class Blog 16th February 2018
Happy Chinese New Year! It is now the Year of the Duck.
This week we enjoyed A Day in China. We had a wonderful time learning all about China and the Chinese New Year. We made dragon puppets and lanterns, had a go at writing Chinese symbols, and tried to use chopsticks.
Three ladies from a Chinese dance school in Sheffield came to teach us how to dance with silk and bamboo fans. We were fantastic!
At the end of the day we enjoyed tasting spring rolls and prawn crackers with our friends from The Lions and The Polar Bear classes.
In maths we have been learning how measure using rulers and in English we have written poems about aeroplanes. We can't wait to tell you more about our learning in our class assembly soon.
Class Blog 9th February 2018

It's been another busy week in Penguin class this week.

In Science we have been exploring how magnets are used in games. We had fun playing with the different magnetic games and then talked about which ones we likes the best.

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On Thursday morning, Jack came into school from Dancedaze and taught us some very cool moves in a Street Dance workshop! At the end of the day, we performed them to the rest of the school.
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We have also been learning about fractions of amounts in Maths this week. We are getting really good at finding half and quarters of different numbers.. Ask us to show you how we do it at home! 😊
Class Blog 2nd February 2018

This week Penguin class have been learning about fractions of objects and shapes.

We started finding halves and quarters of hot cross buns. and then moved onto finding halves and quarters of other shapes.

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Yesterday we went to Eckington Comprehensive school and took part in a Key Step Gym session.
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What great gymnastic skills you showed and great manners and behaviour!

Well Done Penguin Class 😊

Class Blog 26th January 2018

This week in Science we have been exploring magnets.

We investigated which types of materials stuck to the magnet and which did not.

We noticed that most metal objects stick to magnets, but other materials like wood and plastic do not.

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In Maths we have been working with bigger numbers. We made numbers using Dienes and have been finding one more and one less than a number to 30, 40 or even 100!

There is a great game to play using Dienes which can help children with understanding larger numbers. Click on the link to play:

Class Blog 19th January 2018

It's been another busy and exciting week in Penguin Class.

We have continued our learning theme, 'Let's Get Moving,' this week and had a special skipping workshop on Tuesday.

We had great fun learning how to skip and learnt some tricks to do with our skipping rope!

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It was great fun! Keep practising that skipping at home Penguin Class!


Our whole school focus this half term is 'Perseverance' and we had a challenge to complete today.

We had to see how big a tower we could build using spaghetti and marshmallows!

It was really tricky and we had to work together and persevere! (and also try not to eat them!)

Look what we managed to build! The tallest tower was 42cm!

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What a fun week!
Class Blog 12th January 2018

We have started our new learning theme this week.

It is called 'Let's get moving!'

In History, we are learning about what toys were like in the past. So if you have any old toys, we would love to see them! 

In Science we have been investigating forces and looking at the forces needed to move toys.

We sorted toys according to whether they were pull, push or twist.

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Well done Penguin class. You worked really well this week! 😊
Class Blog 15th December 2017

Penguin Class have been getting ready for Christmas this week, writing letters to Father Christmas.

We told him what we had would like for Christmas and also what we had been doing to be good this year.

We also thought of questions to ask him about his Reindeer, such as how did Rudolph get his red nose? and how long can the Reindeer fly for?

We hope Father Christmas enjoys reading our letters and will reply soon!


Penguin Class were fantastic elephants in our Christmas play; 'A Present for the Baby.'

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Well done Penguins!
Class Blog 8th December 2017

In Penguin Class this week we have been starting to think about Christmas.

In English we have been retelling the Christmas story.

We also had a special visitor in school on Thursday. Reverend Andy came into class to share the Christmas story with us and answer our questions.

We asked some great questions like: Where did the Shepherds sleep? Did they have pyjamas? How old was Joseph? and How did the wise men know which star the follow?

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Class Blog 1st December 2017
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Penguin Class have been busy learning about houses and homes from the past in our History topic this half term.

We have found out what houses were like in the past and have been comparing them to our houses.

This week, we made models of houses from the past.

Can you tell which house is a Tudor house? Which is a Celt House and which is a Viking, Saxon

and Norman house?

We have also been finding out about wash day in the 1890s. We had a special assembly where we looked and had a go with the old wash day objects. We liked the mangle best!

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Great History learning and exploring this week Penguin Class!
Class Blog 24th November 2017

As part of our History topic, this week Penguin class have been learning about household objects from the past. We loved looking at old household objects and having a go with them!

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In Science, as part of our Materials topic, we have been sorting materials for recycling.
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Class Blog 17th November 2017

Penguin Class have been learning their number bonds to 20 this week.

We used Numicon to find ways of making 20 using different numbers.

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We have also been reading and retelling the story; This is the Bear and the Scary Night By Sarah Hayes.

We have loved this story and are planning to write our own version next week!

Ask us about the story, we would love to tell it to you.

Class Blog 10th November 2017

This week Penguin class have been learning about teen numbers in Maths.

We have been learning about what each digit represents in a teen number, and some of us have been working with much bigger numbers too!

We have been using Dienes, to help us with our learning.

Ask us to show you! We are getting really good at it!


Penguin Class also did really well in our class assembly this week.

Well Done Penguin Class. 😊


Class Blog 3rd November 2017

This week Penguin class have been looking for signs of Autumn.

We went on a leaf hunt around the school and then made pictures and rubbings with the leaves.

We also had great fun playing in the leaves!

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In music this week, we have also been learning an Autumn song.

We look forward to sharing our learning with you in our class assembly next week!

Class Blog 20th October 2017
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On Wednesday it was India Day at Birk Hill.

We had a great day learning about India and making lots of Indian things!

We found out that people in India LOVE to decorate things with colourful patterns!

Here are some of the patterns we made!

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We also had great fun learning Indian dancing with Adeela.

We had such a fantastic day!

Have a great holiday Penguin Class. You have all worked really hard this half term!

I am really proud of you all!

Mrs Smith

Class Blog 13th October 2017
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We have been looking and learning about 2D and 3D shapes this week.

We had a go at making 3D shapes with play dough and some of us went on a shape hunt around school.

Maybe you could go on a shape hunt at home? ...How many different shapes can you find and name? Mrs Smith would love to see and hear about what you find!

We have also been writing instructions for making Crispy cake! We did really well. Ask us how to do it and I am sure we could all tell you!

Class Blog 6th October 2017
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This week Penguin Class visited St Peter and St Paul's church in Eckington.

Reverend Andy Walker told us about the church.

We learnt about the special objects and symbols within the church.

It was a long walk, but worth it! The children loved looking around the church.


Class Blog 29th September 2017
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This week Penguin class have been busy with The Enormous Turnip Story.

In science we tested different materials to see which would make the best rope to pull the

enormous turnip out of the ground.

We found that the fabric and metal ropes worked the best!

Sadly the paper rope just snapped!

Jamie made a great turnip!!!

You can read the story of The Enormous Turnip by following the link below.

Class Blog 22nd September 2017
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This week Penguin class have been on a learning walk around Eckington.

We were super spotters and found lots of interesting buildings around Eckington.

We even watched some workmen painting markings on the road and saw four para-gliders!