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Birk Hill Infant and Nursery School
Spending each day in learning, laughter and love.
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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

At Birk Hill we want children to encounter exciting learning opportunities, become independent learners through experiences that will support the development of their social skills whilst having fun. Our school aim is that ‘we spend every day in learning, laughter and love’ and this underpins our whole curriculum.

In September 2014 we brought in our new Birk Hill Curriculum which includes the knowledge, skills and understanding that we feel are important for our children to learn alongside the government requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum for Key Stage One. We have a number of ‘curriculum drivers’ which shape our curriculum and aim to support children in developing values which we feel are essential to teach young children, such as ‘respect’, ‘perseverance’ and ‘cooperation’.

The whole school team plan together across a three year cycle in which learning themes are carried out for a whole term. Children across both key stages access learning opportunities linked into the same learning theme which creates a sense of unity and shared learning throughout the school.


Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception)

Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage is carefully planned to include a balance of child-led activities (where children are able to select their own learning, explore and practise skills and enjoy activities in an independent way) and adult directed activities (where specific skills are taught to the children in small and large group sessions). All the children take part in a daily phonics session. Learning takes place both indoors and outdoors and there are many opportunities for children to develop their independence. By choosing resources from areas of learning and by taking part in play-based activities, our children are encouraged to play and develop social skills with each other, which build strong foundations for their future learning in school.


Key Stage One (Year One and Year Two)

Learning in Key Stage One is linked closely to the learning theme for each term. Children take part in a daily English and Maths lesson each morning which also includes a separate phonics session. Lessons are directly linked to the learning objectives of the National Curriculum and include a variety of whole class and small group teaching. The Key Stage One classrooms also have areas of learning in which children are able to independently access a variety of resources and extend their learning independently. Within each learning theme we talk to children about what they want to learn and explore these areas of personal interest. We find that this approach engages children and gives them ownership of their learning.


Curriculum - Key Stage One