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Welcome to Swans Class!



Class Blog 22nd October 2020

This week we have reading the story Owl babies by Martin Waddell. We talked about how the mother owl cares for her babies and thought about how we care for our family and friends.

In Maths we have been thinking about the number 1. We went on a number 1 hunt and found lots of things include number 1, for example, 1 o’clock, a circle has 1 side, and finding one more and one less than a number.

In Phonics we practised all our sounds s, a, t, p, p, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss. We looked at the tricky words the, to, no, go, I, into.

We have also had lots of fun in the outdoor area, looking at the signs of Autumn and making Autumn pictures with leaves.

Class Blog 16th October 2020

This week in Swans we have been looking at the story ‘Whatever Next’. We made a list of all the things we would take to the moon if we ever visited it! We also looked at space rockets and had a go at making our own!

In Maths we have been comparing objects by size. We read the story ‘Dear Zoo’ and talked about what animals would fit in the box and which animals wouldn’t! We put teddies in size order, filled cups with water and also weighed fruit, talking about heavy and light.

In Phonics we have practised the tricky words, no, go, into. We have looked at the sounds ff, l, ll, ss. We have practised blending by putting sound buttons underneath.

Class Blog 9th October 2020

This week we have been reading Peace at Last by Jilly Murphy. We talked about the different characters and the main events. As we read the story, we looked to find the sounds we have been learning this week which are – r, h, b, f. We also look for the tricky words – the, to, I. See if your child can find these sounds and words when you are reading with them.

In our maths sessions, we have been learning to compare different amounts. We worked out who had the ‘most’ objects and who had the ‘least’. We have also been singing lots of number songs. One of our favourites is ‘five red apples’. Ask us to sing it to you at home.

Outdoors we have spotted more signs of autumn - the ground is covered with fallen acorns and leaves. This has prompted lots of interesting discussions in our classroom.

Class Blog 2nd October 2020

This week in Swans we have been reading the story Elmer and talking about what makes us similar and different.

We have also been learning the sounds c, k, ck, e, u and the tricky words, I, to, the. We are continuing to practise CVC words using sound buttons as below:



Help your child to read the following words. Use the sound buttons to help you - sat, pat, pit, got, mop, top, nip, pin, tin, cot, kit, pick, peg, sock, kid.

In Maths, we have been matching and sorting objects.

We looked at the objects above and discussed which could be the odd one out. For example, the circle could be the one that does not belong because it is a different shape to the rest. The green triangle is a different colour and the small triangle is a different size.

Class Blog 25th September 2020

We were very lucky on Tuesday as Andy Tooze, a professional poet and author, came to visit us. He taught us lots of poems and even wrote a poem about our class. It made us laugh!


Our class story this week has been Funny Bones by Janet and Alan Ahlberg. We spotted rhyming words and joined in using actions. Ask us to retell the story to you.


We have been learning to write our own names carefully. Practise name writing at home in lots of fun ways – using chalk or painting with water for example.


In phonics we have been learning to read words by pressing sound buttons. This is what sound buttons look like –




Help your child to read the following words. Use sound buttons to help you - sit, tip, pit, pan, tan, nap, mat, map, man, sad, dip, did.



We have been practising recognising numbers and counting a group of objects carefully. Keep looking out for everyday opportunities to count. See if you can count your steps or everyday objects. 

Class Blog 18th September 2020

Hello Swans, what a lovely week we have had! We have continued getting to know one another and making lots of new friends!


We have been looking at picture books with our teachers. At home, read a book together and talk about what is happening, who the characters are and the setting. You could make simple puppets (paper cut outs) and act the story out or use toys / teddies as the characters.


We have been finding out all about each other. Try drawing a picture of your family and labelling each person. What sound does their name begin with?

We also have been looking at body parts. It is fun to lie on the floor and draw a body outline! Have a go at labelling the body parts, include neck, knee, elbow, ankle, wrist.


We have been looking at the sounds s, a, t, p, i. Have a look around the house, what objects can you find that start with each letter? Have a go at making CVC words and sounding them out e.g  t -a- p and p-i-t.

We also have been practising the tricky words, the, to, no, go, I, into.


Count at every opportunity! Count how many people are in the house, how many dolls or cars are you playing with? We have been talking about moving each object as we are counting and putting them in a line so we do not get mixed up!

We have also been practising counting, ordering and recognising numbers to 10.  Why not have a go at making your own number line to 10?

Other ideas

Draw a picture of you and your friend. Have a go at writing your name and your friends. Can you sound out each of the letters?

Class Blog 11th September 2020

Starting a new class or even a new school can be daunting and quite scary, but for swans our first full week in school has been magical! Getting to know each other and making new friends has been lots of fun and we are already starting to become familiar with our daily routine.


Having lunch at school with our new friends for the first time on Tuesday was great. Our teachers were very proud of us for using our manners and for following instructions carefully. We met our mid-day supervisors who are always happy to help us.


Our topic this half term is called ‘All About Me’. This week we looked in mirrors and talked about our features then we mixed paint and painted self-portraits. We will soon be talking all about our families and celebrating all the things we are good at.


Miss Pollitt, Mrs Wright and Miss Jones love to read and they share stories with us daily. Next week our teachers are going to be sharing books all about themselves with us which they are really looking forward to.


Our teachers would like to thank our families for cooperating with social distancing guidelines and for supporting us so well during our transition into school.