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Class Blog 18th October 2019
Yet another busy week for our super Swans class this week! We have continued our learning on our senses, this time exploring touch and smell.  In circle time we talked about which parts of our bodies we used for smell and touch and shared what our favourite smells and textures are with our friends. For sense of touch we explored a box of objects, taking turns to feel each item and think of a describing word for how it felt. We then became smell detectives, using our sense of smell to find what was inside seven mystery pots! We tried to listen carefully to each other and speak clearly when we shared our ideas with our friends.

In mathematics we have been recognising and ordering numbers. We tried to remember that each number has a unique shape and its own place on the number line. We had great fun working together outside finding the hidden number leaves and putting them in the correct order.

This week everyone brought in their favourite book from home, which we have been enjoying sharing at story time. Everyone shared what they liked about their story and why it was their favourite book.
Class Blog 11th October 2019
In Swans class we have begun learning all about our senses as part of our ‘Magical Me’ topic. This week we have been exploring sight and sound.  In circle time we shared our ideas about how it would feel to not to be able to see or hear and what people do to help others with this. We also found out what happens at the opticians and made our own glasses!
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On Wednesday we went outside on a sensory walk to find out what we could see and hear around school. This inspired us to draw maps showing all the things that we had seen and heard on our walk. Some of the children even had a go at labelling their drawings using the sounds we have learnt so far!
We have turned our role play area inside the classroom into a Doctor’s surgery.  Everyone has been having lots of fun exploring in there! We have some budding Doctor and Nurses amongst us!
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In mathematics our 'Number of Week’ has been number 5 and we have also been learning to count different amounts of objects accurately. In phonics we have been using the letter sounds we know to read and write simple 3 letter words.
Class Blog 4th October 2019
Another busy week for our super Swans! We have continued our learning on our topic Magical Me, finding out all about our bodies and the amazing things they can do! In circle time we talked about our different body parts and sang head, shoulders, knees and toes to check if everyone knew where each body part was! This inspired us to make our own poster to help us learn the parts of the body. We drew around one of the Swans and took turns putting labels onto the correct body parts - we tried to use our phonics to help us read the labels.

The Swans have also been getting very creative in the workshop area making puppets with moving parts and drawing their own amazing skeletons. Some of the children even had a go at writing their own ‘stories’ about their skeletons. All of the teachers were very impressed!

In PE, we moved around the hall in different ways and balanced on different parts of the body. The Swans were fantastic at this, we definitely have some budding gymnasts amongst us! Our ‘Number of the Week’ this week has been number 4 and our letter sounds have been k, u, b and f.
Class Blog 27th September 2019
What a busy time all of the Swans have had in school this week! On Monday we visited our local Church to learn all about the Harvest Festival. Reverend Sandra told us all about the Harvest and the importance of sharing. We had a chance to look at the display of food that people in the community had kindly donated and to sing our Harvest songs.
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On Wednesday we had a special visitor in school who taught us how to do Boccia. We all had a fantastic time and our visitor said that we did an amazing job!
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On Friday we celebrated ‘The World’s Largest Coffee Morning’ to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. All of our grown ups enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of cake whilst the whole school sang songs. Each class sang their own class song, everyone did a fantastic job especially the Swans!

In between all of this excitement we have continued learning about ourselves and each other, this week thinking about our emotions and feelings and what makes us happy and sad. We shared lots of stories about feelings and made our own emotion puppets! Our ‘Number of the Week’ this week has been number 3 and our letter sounds have been l, h, r, e and j.
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Many thanks to all of the parents and carers who were able to come to the Early Years meeting on Tuesday. We hope you found it useful. If you have any questions at all about your child’s time at Birk Hill, please come and ask.
Class Blog 20th September 2019
This week we have continued to focus on our topic ‘Magical Me!’. During circle time we have been talking about the features on our faces and the colour of our eyes and hair. If we weren’t sure we asked a friend to check. We then painted our own self portraits, using a mirror to help us. We thought carefully about the shape of our faces and our features and the colours we needed. We also tried very hard to hold our paintbrush correctly!

We have also been drawing pictures of our families and making houses for them to live in using different textures and shapes.
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On Wednesday we had a visitor in our class, Miss Diana, the school Spanish teacher. She came to introduce us to Spanish and tell us all about her lunchtime club. This runs every Wednesday lunchtime and costs £3. We had a great time and the children impressed us all with their ability to speak Spanish so quickly!
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On Friday we all came to school in our jeans to support ‘Jeans for Genes Day’. May we take this opportunity to thank you for your support and generous donations for such a worthy cause.

Our ‘Number of the Week’ this week has been number 2 and our letter sounds have been c, l, p, o and g.
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Class Blog 13th September 2019
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What a fabulous second week we have had in Swans. This was our first full week in school and the teachers cannot believe how well all of the Swans have settled in and taken to school life!

As an introduction to our topic ‘Magical Me’ the children have been making collages at home, all about themselves and their family to share with the rest of the class. Everyone has really enjoyed learning about each other, asking and answering questions carefully.

There was also great excitement in Swans this week as we had our very first PE lesson! The biggest challenge for any Reception PE is getting changed. However the Swans were absolutely amazing and all of the teachers were very impressed. We talked about the importance of keeping fit and had lots of fun playing ‘beans’ and ‘sleeping lions’.

Every week the Swans will be introduced to a ‘Number of the Week’ as part of their mathematics. This week we have been learning all about number 1.  We have also started phonics, learning the sounds and letter names for s, a, t, m, n, i.

After such a busy week we are sure there will be some very tired Swans!
Class Blog 6th September 2019
Welcome back to school everyone! What a fantastic first week we have had in Swans. Everyone skipped happily into school on Wednesday full of excitement for the year ahead, including all of the teachers!  We have spent this week learning new routines, making friends, drawing self portraits and exploring both the indoor and outdoor areas.

Lots of our family members joined us for our first school lunch on Thursday, where we had the opportunity to learn what to do at lunchtime and to taste school lunches. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it, it was very much appreciated.

All of the teachers are very pleased and proud of how well the children have quickly settled into school and look forward to the learning, adventures, and fun we can share over the coming year.