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Welcome to Swans Class!



Class Blog 10th July 2020

Hello swans!


We hope you all continue to be safe and well. Thank you for sharing more photographs of your wonderful home learning activities with us. We continue to be inspired and we are all very proud of your achievements. Here are some more activities you may wish to try at home.


Our story this week is Captain Finn and the Pirate Dinosaurs Missing Treasure by Giles Andreae and Russel Ayto. The story can be read online if you don’t have the story book at home. We are also learning about the seaside and water safety.





Read the story and draw your favourite part. Can you write a sentence too?


Draw three pictures to show what happened in the story. What happened at the beginning, in the middle and at the end?


Become an author and write or draw your own pirate story.





Think about the things you would need to be a pirate and write a list of your top ten ideas. Remember to draw pictures too.


Make your own poster to tell others how to stay safe on the beach or at other outdoor places. Talk about different ways to stay safe such as: wearing sun cream and a hat, wearing sunglasses and a t-shirt to protect you from the sun, drinking lots of water and staying away from water without an adult.


Where might you see water? Talk about different places such as lakes, the bath, ponds and paddling pools. It is really important to stay safe around water. Discuss different ways of staying safe such as always staying with an adult, staying away from the edge and wearing inflatables whilst swimming. Make a poster to share your ideas with others.


Draw your own beach scene. Write sentences to describe what you can see.




Watch to learn all about odd and even numbers. Talk about what you found out.


Make your own number cards and make a simple game by giving out instructions. You may say: find a number which is bigger than nine, find a number which is one more than eleven, find a number which is smaller than sixteen etc.


Learn to order objects by size - you can learn all about size ordering in many different ways. Build three towers and place them in order from the tallest to the shortest. You could even make snakes or caterpillars with dough to place in size order. Which is the longest? Which is the shortest?





Revise these sounds – ear, air, er, oa.


Think of some words containing these sounds and see if you can read and write them. Here are some examples:


ear – fear, near, hear, dear

air – hair, chair, stairs, fair

er – her, letter, tower, fern

oa – goat, boat, foal, toast





Make your own favourite sea creature. Here is an example:

Class Blog 3rd July 2020

Hello Swans,

Hope you are all keeping well. Thank you for sending in your photographs and work, it really is great to see! Here are a few more activities you may wish to do.


This week we are looking at the story Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt. It is available to view online if you don’t have the story at home. Talk about the story, which part do you like the best and why?


Imagine you are on a boat out on the ocean. Where is your telescope? Have a look through it, write a list of everything you see!

Look at the twinkl powerpoint plastic pollutions in the deepest oceans. Discuss what pollution is and how it gets into the sea. Design a poster all about pollution in the sea and how it can be stopped.

Look at the website . Make your own non-fiction book about sharks.


Continue practising counting to 20 and recognising the numerals. Have a go at writing them!

Doubling – Discuss what doubling is (twice as many). Use play people or any objects to demonstrate what a double is. ‘I have two cars, if I double them, I have four’. Using a mirror is also a good way to show what doubling means. Get arty and make butterflies s’howing doubles.

Halving and Sharing – Create a tea party with a toy. Demonstrate how to equally share a number of biscuits, buns etc between two people. • What does half mean? •  Are you sure you have half? •  How can you check? •  What do you notice about both halves? What if another toy joins? How can you share 6 buns between 3 people?


Revise the phase 3 sounds below.

Practise the ar vowel digraph (as in bark)

Try reading the words above. Then have a go at writing them. Can you put them in a sentence e.g I ran to the park? Try making a board game with the words such as bingo! Pick other sounds and do the same.


Have a go at making your own shark on a peg or a shark picture. You could make your own sea creature from objects and materials you have at home!

Class Blog 26th June 2020
Hello swans!
Thank you once again for sharing your home learning photographs and videos with us, we have continued to find your wonderful home learning activities inspiring. Here are some more activities for you to try if you wish.
The activities this week are based around a story by Jonny Duddle called The Pirate Cruncher. If you don't have the story at home, it can be enjoyed online.
Write a book review for the story. Draw your favourite part of the story and write a sentence. You could draw your favourite character too.
Design your own pirate then add labels or write a character description.
We know that pirates like to find treasure. Hide treasure in your house and draw a map to find it. Remember to add labels. You could write clues for your child to read and follow.
Pirates like treasure! Discuss the things you treasure. Write a list of the things most precious to you.

Draw your own bus with ten seats on. Use objects to represent people getting on and off the bus. Use your bus to practise solving simple problems involving addition. For example, there were three people on the bus then two more people joined them. How many people are now on the bus? Can you write the number sentences too? The method works in the same way when subtracting (taking away) except people get off the bus. For example, there were seven people on the bus but four people got off. How many people were left on the bus?
Continue to practise reading and writing numerals from zero to twenty.
Playing board games in a great way to practise counting skills. Can you make your own board game? It would be great to receive photographs of your ideas! A simple way of doing this is drawing a track with numbers on.
Continue to practise blending the sounds in words to read - is a great website with many reading games. Start with phase 2 words then progress to phase 3 and beyond.
Make your own game of word bingo which is played in the same way as number bingo. Use simple words such as: bat, mop, log, pin, hut, sock, wet.
Make your game of word bingo more challenging by using words containing the following sounds: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, qu, ch, th, sh, ng.

Have a go at making your own model of a ship.
Challenge yourself to make your own telescope. What can you see?
Class Blog 19th June 2020

Hello Swans! We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. Thank you for sending us photographs and videos of your work, it really is great to see everything you have been doing. Here are a few more activities you may like to try.



This week we are reading the story The Pirates Next Door (Jonny Duddle). You can find this story online. Talk about the story and have a go at acting it out.  



Draw a picture and write a sentence about your favourite part of the story.

Become your very own author! Can you write a story about a pirate? Make a book and design a front cover.



How many of the tricky words can you read? Practise any that are unfamiliar. Make it in to a game…choose four words, write each one on a separate piece of paper, then place them where they can be seen around the house / garden. Can you run to…, they etc. Play it with a teddy who gets them wrong so they have to be told the correct answer!

Stick the words around the house so they become familiar then move them to different places.


Keep on practising number bonds to 10!

We are looking at addition and subtraction this week (within 10). Look at the + and – symbols and discuss what they mean. Talk about ‘adding’ and ‘taking away’. Physically use objects to count to work out the answers. Below are some ideas which can easily be adapted for subtraction. However adding and taking away can be done in everyday situations e.g you have 5 grapes left if I give you 3 more how many will you have altogether?

Other ideas

 Have a go at making your very own hand pirate!

Use household objects to make your very own pirate ship!

Class Blog 12th June 2020
Hello swans! Thank you once again for sharing your home learning photographs and videos with us, we have continued to find your home learning activities inspiring. Here are some more ideas to try at home if you wish.
Read the story - The Night Pirates by Peter Harris. If you haven't got the story at home, it can be viewed online. 
Have a go at acting out the story. Remember to change your voice for the different characters. 
Research three facts about ships and write down your findings. You could make your own information book about ships. You could do the same for lighthouses too. 
See if you can draw a story map of events from the story. Challenge yourself to write sentences too.
Draw a ship and label the key features.
In The Night Pirates story, the pirates stole the treasure. Make a 'wanted' poster for one of the pirates. Remember to write a description of what they look like. 
Clap your hands together. How many claps did you hear? Can you count other actions too?
Continue to enjoy your own games of number bingo. Use different numbers between zero and twenty. 
Continue to explore different ways of making ten.
Follow this link to play Buried Treasure. Have a go using phase 2 and phase 3 words -
You could make your own game of Buried Treasure by cutting out coins and writing a selection of real words and nonsense words to read and sort.
Can you make your own pirate hat?
We know that ships float. With adult support, explore a range of objects to see if they float or sink. Make predictions and draw your findings.
Make your own pirate face. You could use a paper plate.
Make your own pirate puppets. You could use them as props to act out your own story.
Class Blog 5th June 2020

Hello Swans! We hope you have been enjoying the sunny weather and keeping safe. Thank you to everyone who has their sent videos and photographs of your learning, it really is wonderful to see! Here are a some of the activities that we have been doing in class this week.


The theme this term is Pirates! We have been reading the story Pirates love Underpants, if you haven’t got this book you can find it on You Tube.

If you have access to a computer, you can search for resources. This week we have designed a pirate flag, made a treasure map and made our own story map. All of these can also be done with just a piece of paper!


Look at the picture. What can you see? Practise writing simple sentences about:

the eyepatch, flag, parrot, beard and sword.

The above activity can also be found at



We have been counting to 20. Watch Number Blocks I can count to 20 at

A few activity ideas:

  • Play number bingo. Section off a piece of paper into 6 or 8 boxes to make your bingo board (make more boards so more people can play). Write one number from zero to 20 in each box. Write the numbers 0 to 20 on a piece of paper, cut them up and put them into a bag. You are ready to play!
  • Jump, skip, hop and count as you go…see if you can count all the way to 20!
  • Make your own digit cards to 20, have a go at ordering them. Make it fun and count out 20 toys and give them each a digit card, in the correct order. Challenge, remove one of the toys and digit cards, which number is missing?





Revise the sounds from phase 2 and phase 3.

Have a look at and click on phase 2 and  / or phase 3 to play the game!

Other ideas

Draw yourself as a pirate! We would love to see your photographs!

Class Blog 29th May 2020

Hello swans! We have continued to enjoy receiving your home learning photographs and videos, thank you for sharing them with us. Here are some more ideas for you to try at home if you wish.



This week we would have been reading the story of Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. If you don’t have this story book at home, there are many versions which can be enjoyed online. Read the story, we hope you enjoy it.


See if you can research three facts about space. You could start by finding out the names of different planets.


Draw three separate pictures to show what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story. Mix up the pictures and see if you can reorder them. Tell the story as you go along.



Design your own planet. Don’t forget to write the name of your planet too. Think about what it would be like there. See if you can write a list of words to describe your planet.


Design your own spaceship. Can you write labels too?


Write list of the things you would take with you on a trip into space.  You could draw pictures too.



Aliens Love Underpants is a rhyming story. Write a list of words that rhyme with each of the following words – bat, log, pet, mop and ring.


Practise spelling the following tricky words – I, no, go, to, the, into, he, she, me, we, be, you, are, her, was, all, they, my.



Singing songs and learning rhymes are great ways to learn counting skills. Have a go at learning this song -


Practise writing numbers from zero to twenty. You could do this in many ways such as using pencil, chalk or paint.


Practise counting up to twenty objects. This can be done as part of everyday activities such as counting steps or pieces of fruit in a fruit bowl.


Follow this link and sing along -


Make your own bingo board using numbers from zero to twenty. Enjoy a game of number bingo!



Have a go at making your own spaceship or rocket. You could do this in many ways such as by using paint, building blocks or other craft materials.

Class Blog 22nd May 2020

Hello swans! We hope you are all safe and keeping well. Thank you once again for all the photographs and videos you have sent in showing your fabulous learning! Here are a few more activities for you to hopefully enjoy!


We would have been looking at the story The Enormous Turnip. There are lots of versions online if you do not have the story at home. This story is a fairy tale with two morals: you can complete any challenge when you work together and every member of your team counts, no matter how big, small, old or young. Discuss these ideas. Can you think about any real-life situations when someone helped you or you helped someone else? Did it make the task easier?


Following on from the story and thinking of helping people, draw a picture of you helping someone. Have a go at writing a sentence to go with your picture. You could also draw one of the characters with a speech bubble, what would they say?


Play the game below. All you need is one die, roll it, read the number and choose a word from the column. If you can read it, cover it with a counter. Who can get the most counters on the board?


We would be looking at addition. Count how many people tried to pull the enormous turnip out of the ground. Have a go at writing the number. If one more person joined, how many would there now be? What if two more joined?

Use first, then, now to tell simple maths stories to practise adding more in real life contexts. First there were two people on the bus, then two more people got on. Now there are 4 people on the bus.  

Hopefully the sun will be shining and you can go outdoors! Put some objects in hoops and find out how many there are altogether. Practise writing it as a number sentence.

Have a go at making the number bond to 10 hands below. Practise using the fingers!

Other ideas

Talk about vegetables and how they grow. What other vegetables are pulled out from the ground?

Have a go at the carrot top experiment. Put a carrot top in water and see what happens! We would love to see your photographs!

Try printing with lots of different types of vegetables, can you make a pattern?

Class Blog 15th May 2020

Hello swans! We would once again like to thank you for sharing your home learning photographs and videos with us. You have been doing wonderful activities at home which we have certainly enjoyed hearing about. We hope you all continue to be safe and well and we hope to be able to see you all again soon. In the meantime, here are some more activities that you may wish to try at home. They are based around the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff which we would have been reading this week. Enjoy!



If you haven’t got the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff at home, there are many versions to read online. See if you can learn the story and act it out. Perhaps you could make puppets or a bridge to use as props. Remember to use your story telling voices.

Use books or the internet to find out three facts about goats. Don’t forget to write them down.


The troll was very unkind to the three billy goats. Talk about the unkind things he did and said. Try to think of ways he could have been kind instead. Draw a picture of your ideas. See if you can add labels or write a simple sentence.

Can you think of a way the story could have ended differently? Write a new ending or draw a picture to show how you would have liked the story to have ended instead.


Choose a sound from the sound mat below and write five words that contain the sound. For example, if you were to choose ‘ee’, you may write sheep, deep, feet, peep and feel. See how many sounds you can do this with.


Last week you began to look at making simple patterns. Next have a go at making more complex patterns. Patterns can be made with any objects such as fruit or you can draw them too. A simple pattern may be made by simply repeating fruits such as apple, pear, apple, pear, apple, pear. You may draw a simple pattern by drawing a square, a triangle, a square, a triangle, a square, a triangle. Patterns can be spoken too. Try creating patterns of sounds such as oo, ee, oo, ee, oo, ee! See if you can perform patterns such as clap, tap, clap, tap, clap, tap. You could use musical instruments. A more complex pattern may look like this…


The three billy goats are different sizes. Look around your house for things that are bigger than you and smaller than you. Draw them on ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’ lists.


Have you ever made your own playdough? Using playdough is a great way to develop children’s fine motor skills which they need to be able to use pens and pencils with control. It can be used for many things such as moulding characters, rolling out letters to spell words or singing counting rhymes. Here is a simple recipe and a rhyme should you wish to have a go.

Class Blog 7th May 2020

Hello to all our wonderful Swans! We hope that you are staying safe and well. Thank you to everybody who has sent in their photographs and work for us to see. It has been lovely seeing what you have been up to! Here are some more ideas you may wish to try.


This week we would have been reading Little Red Riding Hood. There are lots of versions online if you do not have the story at home. After reading the story, talk about the different characters and try to describe them e.g. Who was kind? Who was evil?

You could have a go at making the characters below or use your own toys to role play the story.


Draw a picture of what you would have put in Little Red Riding Hood’s basket. Can you try and label the items? Challenge yourself to write a simple sentence!

Have a go at drawing a map of Little Red Riding Hood’s journey like the one below.


See which sounds you know from the picture below. Keep on practising those that you don’t.

Write down ten words that rhyme with red.



In Maths we would be thinking about making simple patterns. Have a go at creating patterns with lego or beads or any objects from around the house or garden. Use shapes to press patterns into play dough or print patterns using stamps. Provide a selection of fruit in small pieces and make a fruit kebab pattern!

Keep on practising those number bonds to 10! Make a 0 -10 rainbow like in the picture.

If you have access to the internet, follow the link to play the ladybird spots counting, matching and ordering game.


Other ideas

Set yourself a challenge! Get a minute timer and see how many different things you can do before the time runs out! For example, star jumps, touching you toes, writing your name, counting to 10. What other things can you think of?

Lydia Monks (The illustrator of What The Ladybird Heard) is uploading illustration videos to her YouTube channel. Follow this link:

Class Blog 1st May 2020

Hello everyone! We have thoroughly enjoyed receiving your photographs and videos this week, thank you for continuing to share your amazing learning with us. It has been great to see such wonderful and creative ideas for home learning. We hope you are all safe and well. Here are some more ideas you may wish to try.




This week we would have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs. Do you have the story at home? If not, there are many versions to read online. See if you can learn the story off by heart and act it out. Remember to use different voices for the characters!




Design and label a new house for the three pigs to live in together. Could you build it too?


Research facts about pigs - Where do they live? What do they eat? See if you can write three facts. You could draw pictures to help you.


You could make your own story map for the Three Little Pigs story. This is where you draw pictures in order to show what happened in the story. You could write labels or sentences too.




Write down ten words that rhyme with ‘pig’. If you can do that, challenge yourself to write words that rhyme with ‘pat’ then ‘can’.


See if you can spell the following words – the, to, no, go, I, into.


If you can spell the words above, have a go at spelling – he, she, we, me, be, you, are, her, was, all, they, my.




Keep on practising number bonds to 10.

Make it into a game. Have a bucket and 10 objects, throw 3 objects in, how many are left? So 7 add 3 equals 10!

Click on the link to play the Save the Whale number bonds game too!


Practise the shape names from the picture below. Go on a shape hunt and see which shapes you can find. Focus on 2D shapes this week. Talk about how many sides they have and whether they are they straight or curved etc. Cut some shapes out and make a shape picture, label the picture with the shapes used.


Remember there are many free resources for learning at -
Class Blog 24th April 2020

Hello swans!  We hope that you are having lots of fun at home whilst staying safe with your loved ones. Keep smiling and remember to take lots of photographs to share with us!



Make your own game using your tricky words and sounds. This can be made really simple by spreading them out and saying a word or sound to move to. You could be really creative and make a track to drive toy cars on to different words or sounds. Another idea could be to make your own board game using the words and sounds.  Please save them if you do as we would love to see them!


Write a set of 'real words' and a set of 'monster words'. Ask your child to sort them into two groups - real and nonsense words. Use simple words such as zip, fun, keep etc.


Write a simple sentence then cut it up to reorder. For example - The frog sat on the log. Once you have cut the sentence up, turn over a word. Can your child work out which word has been hidden?


Make your own treasure hunt around the house. Leave simple words, sounds or clues for your child to read.


We would have been sharing the story of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Read the story on YouTube if you haven't got it at home. See if you can research facts about different sea life creatures and make an information book or poster. You could play 'what am I?' using different sea life creatures. Stick the name of a creature on your head so you can't see it. You can ask others questions. They can only answer 'yes' or 'no' and you have to guess who you are. For example, you could ask 'do I have fins?' or 'am I spiky?'




Draw a picture and stick it in your window. You could write some words too. Other children may spot your picture whilst out on their daily walk. Make their walk a little more exciting!


Shopping trips are limited but we still need food to eat. Help your grownup to write a shopping list.




YouTube - Epic Phonics. See if you can sing along and read the phase 2 and 3 tricky words.


Maths - This website has lots of fun games to play.


If you are able to play games in your garden, tally the scores to find the winner. Who won the most points?


Remember that maths opportunities are all around us. Try ordering objects in the house in order of height. You could do this with play dough too by rolling snakes of different lengths. See who the tallest member of your family is by asking them to lie on the floor and measuring them with your hands.


Use everyday objects to order from the lightest object to the heaviest object. Sort objects into two groups - heavy or light. Children learn to use mathematical vocabulary through real life purposes.


Maths with PE - If you have space, make an obstacle course with numbers e.g. 5 star jumps, 10 hops. Use positional language such as 'over' or 'under'.


Use ten everyday objects such as ten pieces of fruit or ten socks. Find out how many ways you can make ten. Can you write the number sentences too? 5+5=10 etc.



Other Ideas


Children love to experiment. Freeze blocks of ice and let them explore the freezing and melting process. Pop it out in the sun and see what happens.


There are lots of spring themed crafts to do at home such as flower drawings or paintings. You could make handprints to save and look back on in years to come.


Develop fine motor skills by cutting simple patterns (zig zags, straight lines, wavy lines etc) or threading. You can use a kitchen colander and string to thread.



This week we would have been starting our ‘fabulous fairy tales’ topic. We would have been looking at five different traditional tales over the coming weeks, looking at the story language used and the characters. The first story is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.




There are lots of versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears out there online, you may even have the story at home.


This is the link to a BBC Storytime version to listen to using the app -


CBeebies showed a ballet version of the story. What do you think? -


See if you can learn this nursery rhyme and perform it. You could even record a video to share with us -


Have you got three bears at your house? Perhaps you could act out the story, once you’re familiar with it. Can you do different voices for the bears and for Goldilocks?




Have you ever tried porridge? Perhaps you could have some for your breakfast one day. You could write a list of words to describe the porridge – gloopy, sticky, runny!




Can you match uppercase and lowercase letters? If you have them, you could use magnetic letters or make a matching game by cutting letters out of paper. Can you write both upper and lower case letters? Sing the alphabet song, pointing to each letter as you sing.




The story of Goldilocks is perfect for learning about size ordering. Can you order three bears by height? Can you measure them? Can you do the same with three bowls? Which bowl holds the most porridge? What else have you got at home that you could use for size ordering?


Other Ideas


You could do your own Goldilocks craft – turn a wooden spoon into a puppet, draw, make or paint the characters.


Oak National Academy has launched an online classroom. Follow this link for lessons -





Class Blog 3rd April 2020

Hello! We hope you have had a good week and are safe and well. A huge thank you to all parents and carers for all your hard work at home! Here are just a few more ideas you may like to try.


Read a book together and talk about what is happening, who the characters are and the setting. Make simple puppets (paper cut outs) and act the story out or use toys / teddies as the characters.

Point out and talk about the words all around you, for example food labels, street names and signs (on your daily walk!)


Continue writing a diary to record your time at home. Remember to include pictures too.

Sprinkle some flour or sugar into an empty container and practise writing letters. Try to write your name and any other words that you can sound out e.g rat, pen, tap, goat, boil.

Make an Easter card and write a message inside it.


Practise the tricky sounds in your child’s book bag. Once they are confident with them move on to the next one from the mat below.

Useful Links:

Youtube: Geraldine the Giraffe

Youtube: Nessy (for Phonics and Literacy resources)



Count at every opportunity! Count how many people are in the house, how many flowers are in the garden, how many clouds are in the sky!

How many 2D and 3D shapes can you find around the house? Can you name them? Collect empty boxes and kitchen roll tubes and make a 3D model.

Practise number bonds to 10 with the number bond chant! Write out the following numbers and show your child, start off the chant by saying ‘I say 0 you say 10’ and hopefully they will tell you want to do next!

10, 0          5,5           0, 10 

9,1            4,5

8,2            3,2

7,3            2,1

6,4             1, 9

Make your own counting stick and practise counting forwards and backwards.

Challenge – start at different numbers not just zero!

Other ideas

With Easter around the corner, have a go at making some of the recipes from the link below.

Go for a walk and talk about the different plants and flowers starting to grow. Draw or paint a picture of them when you get home. Can you write a sentence or label your picture?

Class Blog 27th March 2020
During this worrying time for all, we do hope that our children are still managing to enjoy learning at home whilst spending time with their families. At school we know children enjoy their daily routine. In swans class this would usually look like:
Assembly > literacy activities > maths activities > story time > lunch time > phonics activities > singing > home time.
Alongside all of the above, our children have plenty of opportunities to play! We know that young children learn endless skills through play, most of all language skills. With the sun shining brightly to hopefully lift our mood, we hope we can provide you with some activities below for you to enjoy together.
We would like to express thanks to our key worker parents and carers who are continuing to commit to their essential work for the benefit of others. Thank you to all parents and carers for working together to ensure safety for all.
Please check out our class blog page every Friday for weekly updates. We will always try our best to include activities that we think you will be able to do without lots of resources at home.
Build a den and read your favourite stories together inside it.
Read a story then act it out with your family members. This is your chance to bring out your inner acting skills! If you have an old box, you could make a story box. This is where you turn the box into a story scene. It doesn't have to be anything fancy!
Sing traditional nursery rhymes- many can be played online. Learning rhymes and chants helps your child's reading skills to develop too. Can you make up your own rhyme or chant? Use the tune of a traditional rhyme or song to hep you get started.
Keep practising reading your tricky words and sounds at home - these are in your child's book bag.
Enjoy free stories at -
Make a diary to record your time spent at home. Remember to draw pictures too.
If you are able to go into your garden, paint with water. Challenge yourself to write letters, your name or words too. Try writing words that you can sound out - cat, log, hen, pig, chop, fish, coin etc.
Look out of your window and draw what you can see. You could challenge yourself to write labels too. Not got any paper at home? Turn an empty box inside out and use that to write on.
Phonics Many free activities can be found here. - Read the free comics online.
Now the sun is shining, dig out the peg basket and ask your child to help you peg out the washing (this is great for their fine motor skills too!) Count how many pegs you have altogether, what happens if you need one more or one less?
Do you have any board games at home? These are great for practising counting skills.
Time to sort out the sock drawer? Ask your child to sort your socks into pairs. Can you match the socks? Can you then count the socks in multiples of two?
Sing counting songs - 5 little ducks, 5 current buns etc. Many can all be played online.
Use water to explore space, shape and measure. Is the jug full, empty or half full? How many spoons full of water will it take to fill the jug? Guess then check. Which container holds the most or least water? How do you know?
If you are able to go into your garden, paint numbers with water outside.


More Online Links
Pete McKee has announced he will be showing family friendly cartoon workshops on his YouTube channel - free for all every Wednesday.
Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, goes live on his YouTube at 9am daily with free PE lessons.
Class Blog 20th March 2020

Once again our teachers are very proud of us again in swans class this week! On Tuesday, we attended a Cross Fit session with a specialist teacher. We learned how to throw and catch using a bean bag and took part in relay races. This gave us the opportunity to show how great we are at working as a team.


In maths we have been learning about positional language. We played games with our teddies as we hid them for our friends to find. We used language to describe where they were hiding such as, "The teddy is behind the box". You may wish to play this game at home too.


You may have noticed that we now have a role play jeep in our classroom. It has been great fun learning about different animals and where they live. Our teachers were impressed as we began to write for a real life purpose. See if we can tell you the names of three different animals and their young.


Ask us to tell you the story of 'Walking Through the Jungle'. We are great at using story telling voices and doing the actions too!

Class Blog 13th March 2020
Did you hear about the letters we received this week? The farmer from one of our favourite stories, Farmer Duck, wrote to us to tell us about his eggs. They have hatched! We sent letters back to him to let him know that his eggs are safe and we have been taking great care of them.
In our maths sessions, we have been exploring different ways to make ten. We used our fingers to check our answers and challenged ourselves to write number sentences too.
During our phonics sessions, we have been learning about digraphs. A digraph is two letters that make one sound. We can spot digraphs in words such as 'shop' or 'coin'. Look out for words all around us and see how many sounds we can spot.
We look forward to more exciting learning next week when we will be reading 'Walking Through the Jungle'.
Class Blog 6th March 2020
Wow, what an exciting week we have had!

On Wednesday we had our class assembly and we talked about all our work. We sang, chanted our number bonds and had a lovely time! Our teachers were very proud!

On Thursday it was World Book Day. We all looked amazing in our fabulous costumes. We had a lovely time sharing stories and looking at our favourite books.

The school nurse also came in to teach us all how to wash our hands properly. We had fun putting the special glitter gel on and checking under the microscope for germs!

We are looking forward to lots more learning next week!

Class Blog 28th February 2020
Have you seen the eggs in our classroom? They arrived on Monday although we are yet to find out what is inside them. Cracks are starting to appear! We have been busy writing about them all week. Watch this space to find out what we discover!
Tuesday was very exciting for us as we got to celebrate Shrove Tuesday together. We ate pancakes as we learned all about why 'Pancake Day' is celebrated. Did you know that the biggest pancake ever to be made was measured fifteen metres wide?
On Wednesday Mrs Fairweather brought her pet frogs to meet us. They were very jumpy! We were fascinated by them and asked lots of questions. Reading non fiction books about frogs helped us to find out some of the answers. We have a vets area in our classroom so we can learn even more about different animals and how to look after them.
During our maths sessions we have been learning how to add two groups together. Using practical objects helps us to understand simple addition. We enjoyed throwing bean bags into two hoops and adding our scores together.
Next week we have more adventures ahead of us and we look forward to sharing our learning with you in our class assembly.  
Class Blog 14th February 2020
Can you believe the half term has come to end end already? We can't! How time flies when you're having fun!
Did you know that a Zumba teacher came to teach us Zumba movements on Tuesday? We had a great time learning to control our bodies and how to move in time to music. Some of us went to the disco on Wednesday where our teachers saw us practising our dance moves that we had learned! 
You will have noticed we have all been awarded our super hero certificates. Our teachers are so impressed with how much we have learned about real life super heroes.
Next half term we will be learning about all creatures great and small. Not only will we be reading exciting stories about creatures, and learning facts about them, some of the creatures may come to visit us too!
Our teachers would like to wish everyone a safe and happy half term and look forward to seeing us all very soon. 
Class Blog 7th February 2020
As you know already, we love to read in swans class. Miss Pollitt has been telling us all about her favourite stories. One of them is titled 'Shhh!' and the authors are Sally Grindley and Peter Utton. Have you read it? Our teachers enjoy story time just as much as we do.
We are becoming confident at using our phonic skills to read now too. We are learning how to blend the sounds in words together quickly in order to read. Our teachers are really proud of us for practising reading our sounds and tricky words at home too. Look out for extra sounds and words in our bags.
Not only have we been busy reading this week, we have also been learning more about real life super heroes who work in surgeries and hospitals. As we talked about doctors, surgeons, nurses and midwives, we explored new vocabulary such as 'defibrillator'. Many of us were then observed transferring what we learned into role play, as we took on the roles of different members of the emergency services. As the half term draws to a close next week, we will be aiming towards achieving our very own super hero certificates.  
Class Blog 31st January 2020
It has been a fantastic week in Swans class!
On Tuesday we took part in our first Write Dance session as a class. Our teachers showed us how much fun mark making can be! After we had warmed up our wrists and fingers, we drew different patterns and shapes on large rolls of paper. We made our teachers smile because we were having so much fun whilst developing our physical skills and literacy skills too. Writing on large paper if great for us as it allows us to use the muscles in our arms and hands needed for writing, and allows us to draw large patterns which will help us with forming letters too. Write Dance is something we could have a go at whilst we are at home too. Simply put some music on and allow us to let our crayons dance on paper! You will be amazed!
We also learned more about staying safe. Our teachers brought a fire helmet into school for us to see and talk about. Seeing and handling the helmet helped us to think about the materials used to make the protective clothing worn by firefighters. Looking at the smoke alarm in our classroom helped us to learn about how smoke alarms help us to stay safe at home too. Now we are becoming experts on knowing how to telephone the emergency services, our teachers challenged us to learn our home address in case of an emergency at home. 
 We can't wait to learn more about different roles in the emergency services next week!
Class Blog 24th January 2020
Have you noticed our class fire engine? We worked hard as a team to build and decorate our fire engine which is large enough for us to sit inside! If you look carefully, you will see many features such as a ladder, a blue light and a siren. Our teachers observed how much we have learned about the fire service as they saw us act as fire fighters during role play.
Thursday was a very exciting day for us when we had the chance to investigate our 'aspirations' question - how do sirens work? Using lights, batteries and wires, we created our own electrical circuits. We were fascinated with all that we learned!
Our teachers know how much we love to read and we know they love to read too! Reading opportunities are all around us. See if we can help you to read labels in shops, recognise logos or read signs. Look out for our updated 'letters and sounds' bags in our book bags. You will find sound cards and tricky word cards to practise reading with us at home.
Class Blog 17th January 2020
Did you know that we took part in a skipping workshop this week? We were fantastic! Not only did we learn how to hold the skipping rope correctly, we learned how to jump over the rope safely too. Our teachers were very proud of our skills.
There was also a mystery in our class this week. Betsy, our class puppet, went missing! Desperate to find her, we searched high and low for clues. This inspired us to write for a real purpose as we wrote down the clues and reported them to the police station. Luckily Betsy was found safe and sound!
We may only be two weeks into the term but we can already tell you lots about real life super heroes. Ask us to tell you how to contact the emergency services and ask us about the role of a police officer. Our learning will continue next week when we will be finding out about the fire service.
Class Blog 10th January 2020
We were all very eager to come back to school after the holidays, and we have been telling our teachers all about the lovely celebrations we have had at home.
This half term our learning theme is called, 'We can be heroes'. As we already know about lots of fantasy super heroes, our teachers are helping us to learn about real life super heroes, starting with learning about the fantastic work that police officers do. You may have noticed that we now have a 'Police Headquarters' role play area in our classroom. Who is your hero? 
As part of ECO week in school, we learned about how to keep our oceans free from pollution. It made us feel worried about sea creatures knowing how litter can cause them great harm. Ask us to tell you more about what we found out. 
Our teachers would like to wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to learning with us again. 
Class Blog 20th December 2019
Wow, what an exciting week we have had in Swans class!
Reverend Andy came to visit us to tell us the Christmas story. We learned about the joy of giving gifts at Christmas, and heard all about Reverend Andy's amazing charity work.
The week concluded with another visitor, this time from Father Christmas! He gave each of us a present to take home to put under our Christmas trees. Our teachers are excited to hear all about the gifts from Father Christmas in January.
We were very lucky on Wednesday as we had our own class party followed by a whole school disco. We enjoyed dancing, playing games and eating party food. Our teachers could see how our friendships are blossoming and how we used our social skills when enjoying the party together.
As the Autumn term draws to a close, our teachers would like to congratulate all in swans class for the progress we have made since September. Our teachers would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas, and look forward to welcoming us back to school in January when we will be learning all about real life super heroes!
Class Blog 13th December 2019
Our teachers are incredibly proud of this week for performing in our school Christmas nativity performance. Standing on the stage and singing takes a great amount of confidence and self belief. Dressed as angels, sheep and shepherds, we sang  beautifully and made our parents and carers feel very proud too.
You may have noticed our Santa's workshop in our classroom. We have been busy writing and posting letters to Santa himself. 
During our 'aspirations session', we learned all about how coins are made. Ask us to see if we can remember! 
Class Blog 6th December 2019
This week Swans have been really busy getting ready for our Christmas concert and trying our costumes on. 
On Thursday we spent the day in Russia, we were very patient waiting in the queue at passport control. We learnt about Babushka, how she met the three Kings and was so busy cleaning her cottage she missed the bright star and baby Jesus. We all drew very detailed pictures of Babushka, our teachers were so proud they are going to put them in our learning journeys.
For Aspirations this week we wanted to find out how rubbers worked so we carried out an investigation using pencils, rubbers, crayons, pens, different types of paper and card to find out.
You will have to ask us what happened!
Class Blog 29th November 2019
This week, as part of our “Let’s Celebrate” topic, we have been looking at the American celebration of Thanksgiving. Throughout the week we have been very busy doing lots of other fun activities based around this. These included listening to stories about the First Thanksgiving, writing thanksgiving cards for our friends and printing leaf thanksgiving wreaths in the creative area. We even celebrated our own thanksgiving by sharing food and hot chocolate around the snack table.

In circle time we told our friends what we were thankful for and why,  remembering to take turns and listen carefully to each other. The Swans then wrote down what they were thankful for.

In mathematics we have been learning to find one more than a given number. We made a bus in the classroom and found the total when one more passenger got on board.

As this is my last day and my last class blog as Swans class teacher, can I take this opportunity to thank all of the parents/carers from this year’s Swans class and last year’s for making my time at Birk Hill School so amazing, I will miss you all greatly - Miss Smith x
Class Blog 22nd November 2019
What a busy time we’ve all had in school this week! On Monday all the Swans were taught how ride a balance bike. These are special two wheeled bikes that don’t have any pedals! Everyone tried really hard and rode the bikes brilliantly!

It has also been ‘Eco Week’ at Birk Hill and the Swans have been learning how to be an Eco Superhero and keep the environment clean and safe for everyone. We have learnt all about recycling and how to sort out our rubbish so it can be made into something new. As part of Eco week we have also taken part in ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ where we have been thinking about how to save energy by using less electricity.

On Thursday we had a special visitor in school who taught us how to do Fencing. We all had a fantastic time and our visitor said that we did an amazing job!

This week it was also Swans assembly where we shared some our learning with our grown-ups. We did an amazing job and made all of our teachers really proud! Well done Swans.
Can we also take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to everyone who was able to come and watch!
Class Blog 15th November 2019
This week we have taken part in a whole school topic on friendship. In circle time we thought about who our special friends are at school and at home, and what makes a good friend. The children shared their ideas remembering to take turns and listen carefully to each other. This inspired some of the Swans to have a go at writing down their ideas on post-it notes and place them onto our paper friendship dolls.
Throughout the week we have been very busy doing lots of other fun activities based around friendship. These included listening to stories about friendship, drawing our friends, writing friendship cards and making our own paper doll in the creative area. We even wore odd socks to school on Tuesday to celebrate diversity and that it’s ok to be different!
In mathematics we have continued learning all about 2D shapes and their properties. The children made 2D shape pictures, drew shapes in the sand and tried to use the correct mathematical language to describe shapes hidden in a freely bag to their friends.
On Friday we all came to school in our pyjamas to support ‘Children in Need’. May we take this opportunity to thank you for your support and generous donations for such a worthy cause.
Class Blog 8th November 2019
What a fantastic first week back we’ve all had after our half term break. This week, we have been thinking about why some people celebrate bonfire night. We looked at firework displays on the whiteboard and all the children were very excited!

This inspired our learning and we have been very busy doing lots of fun activities. These included writing firework sounds on rockets, moving like fireworks in PE, writing firework numbers and making our own fireworks in the creative area. In circle time we talked about staying safe on Bonfire Night. The children shared their ideas about how we could stay safe, remembering to take turns and to listen carefully to each other.

In mathematics we have been learning all about 2D shapes and their properties. The children became ‘Shape Detectives’ and went a walk around school looking for shapes in the environment.
Class Blog 25th October 2019
This week we have been learning all about autumn! We went on a walk around school to look closely at the changes that have happened as summer has turned into autumn. We used our senses to explore our surroundings and we found lots of colourful leaves, twigs and acorns which we bought back to class to investigate further. In circle time we all thought of a describing word for our autumn objects and had a go at writing them down remembering to use our ‘phonic fingers’ to help us identify the sounds that we need for our words.

On Tuesday we had a special visitor in school who taught us how to do Street Dancing. We all had a fantastic time and our visitor said that we did an amazing job!

In mathematics we have continued to work on recognising and ordering numbers. We have made our own numberlines, ordered random numbers and even helped Betsie the puppet  put her numbers in the correct order when she got herself into a bit of a muddle!

It is hard to believe that it’s half term already! We are incredibly proud of how quickly the children have settled into life in full time school and how hard they are working! May we also take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support and to wish you a safe and happy half term.
Class Blog 18th October 2019
Yet another busy week for our super Swans class this week! We have continued our learning on our senses, this time exploring touch and smell.  In circle time we talked about which parts of our bodies we used for smell and touch and shared what our favourite smells and textures are with our friends. For sense of touch we explored a box of objects, taking turns to feel each item and think of a describing word for how it felt. We then became smell detectives, using our sense of smell to find what was inside seven mystery pots! We tried to listen carefully to each other and speak clearly when we shared our ideas with our friends.

In mathematics we have been recognising and ordering numbers. We tried to remember that each number has a unique shape and its own place on the number line. We had great fun working together outside finding the hidden number leaves and putting them in the correct order.

This week everyone brought in their favourite book from home, which we have been enjoying sharing at story time. Everyone shared what they liked about their story and why it was their favourite book.
Class Blog 11th October 2019
In Swans class we have begun learning all about our senses as part of our ‘Magical Me’ topic. This week we have been exploring sight and sound.  In circle time we shared our ideas about how it would feel to not to be able to see or hear and what people do to help others with this. We also found out what happens at the opticians and made our own glasses!
On Wednesday we went outside on a sensory walk to find out what we could see and hear around school. This inspired us to draw maps showing all the things that we had seen and heard on our walk. Some of the children even had a go at labelling their drawings using the sounds we have learnt so far!
We have turned our role play area inside the classroom into a Doctor’s surgery.  Everyone has been having lots of fun exploring in there! We have some budding Doctor and Nurses amongst us!
In mathematics our 'Number of Week’ has been number 5 and we have also been learning to count different amounts of objects accurately. In phonics we have been using the letter sounds we know to read and write simple 3 letter words.
Class Blog 4th October 2019
Another busy week for our super Swans! We have continued our learning on our topic Magical Me, finding out all about our bodies and the amazing things they can do! In circle time we talked about our different body parts and sang head, shoulders, knees and toes to check if everyone knew where each body part was! This inspired us to make our own poster to help us learn the parts of the body. We drew around one of the Swans and took turns putting labels onto the correct body parts - we tried to use our phonics to help us read the labels.

The Swans have also been getting very creative in the workshop area making puppets with moving parts and drawing their own amazing skeletons. Some of the children even had a go at writing their own ‘stories’ about their skeletons. All of the teachers were very impressed!

In PE, we moved around the hall in different ways and balanced on different parts of the body. The Swans were fantastic at this, we definitely have some budding gymnasts amongst us! Our ‘Number of the Week’ this week has been number 4 and our letter sounds have been k, u, b and f.
Class Blog 27th September 2019
What a busy time all of the Swans have had in school this week! On Monday we visited our local Church to learn all about the Harvest Festival. Reverend Sandra told us all about the Harvest and the importance of sharing. We had a chance to look at the display of food that people in the community had kindly donated and to sing our Harvest songs.
On Wednesday we had a special visitor in school who taught us how to do Boccia. We all had a fantastic time and our visitor said that we did an amazing job!
On Friday we celebrated ‘The World’s Largest Coffee Morning’ to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. All of our grown ups enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of cake whilst the whole school sang songs. Each class sang their own class song, everyone did a fantastic job especially the Swans!

In between all of this excitement we have continued learning about ourselves and each other, this week thinking about our emotions and feelings and what makes us happy and sad. We shared lots of stories about feelings and made our own emotion puppets! Our ‘Number of the Week’ this week has been number 3 and our letter sounds have been l, h, r, e and j.
Many thanks to all of the parents and carers who were able to come to the Early Years meeting on Tuesday. We hope you found it useful. If you have any questions at all about your child’s time at Birk Hill, please come and ask.
Class Blog 20th September 2019
This week we have continued to focus on our topic ‘Magical Me!’. During circle time we have been talking about the features on our faces and the colour of our eyes and hair. If we weren’t sure we asked a friend to check. We then painted our own self portraits, using a mirror to help us. We thought carefully about the shape of our faces and our features and the colours we needed. We also tried very hard to hold our paintbrush correctly!

We have also been drawing pictures of our families and making houses for them to live in using different textures and shapes.
On Wednesday we had a visitor in our class, Miss Diana, the school Spanish teacher. She came to introduce us to Spanish and tell us all about her lunchtime club. This runs every Wednesday lunchtime and costs £3. We had a great time and the children impressed us all with their ability to speak Spanish so quickly!
On Friday we all came to school in our jeans to support ‘Jeans for Genes Day’. May we take this opportunity to thank you for your support and generous donations for such a worthy cause.

Our ‘Number of the Week’ this week has been number 2 and our letter sounds have been c, l, p, o and g.
Class Blog 13th September 2019
What a fabulous second week we have had in Swans. This was our first full week in school and the teachers cannot believe how well all of the Swans have settled in and taken to school life!

As an introduction to our topic ‘Magical Me’ the children have been making collages at home, all about themselves and their family to share with the rest of the class. Everyone has really enjoyed learning about each other, asking and answering questions carefully.

There was also great excitement in Swans this week as we had our very first PE lesson! The biggest challenge for any Reception PE is getting changed. However the Swans were absolutely amazing and all of the teachers were very impressed. We talked about the importance of keeping fit and had lots of fun playing ‘beans’ and ‘sleeping lions’.

Every week the Swans will be introduced to a ‘Number of the Week’ as part of their mathematics. This week we have been learning all about number 1.  We have also started phonics, learning the sounds and letter names for s, a, t, m, n, i.

After such a busy week we are sure there will be some very tired Swans!
Class Blog 6th September 2019
Welcome back to school everyone! What a fantastic first week we have had in Swans. Everyone skipped happily into school on Wednesday full of excitement for the year ahead, including all of the teachers!  We have spent this week learning new routines, making friends, drawing self portraits and exploring both the indoor and outdoor areas.

Lots of our family members joined us for our first school lunch on Thursday, where we had the opportunity to learn what to do at lunchtime and to taste school lunches. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it, it was very much appreciated.

All of the teachers are very pleased and proud of how well the children have quickly settled into school and look forward to the learning, adventures, and fun we can share over the coming year.