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Class Blog 19th July 2019
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Well it is finally the last day of the last week for our year 2s and what a year they have had!

On Wednesday, we had the last disco of the year and fun was had by all! Here we are having an amazing time dancing and singing along to songs old and new.

The Y2s are bringing home a letter from all the Y2 staff- please take some time to read it.


We would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday and all the children all the best for their junior school careers.

Class Blog 12th July 2019
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Well the children’s penultimate week at Birk Hill has been another busy one! The children have taken part in a range of sporting activities in school, such as zumba and fencing which they thoroughly enjoyed - especially fencing as they got to dress up in outfits with the faceguards and foam epees!

On Thursday, we made the short trip to Gosforth Astro at Dronfield to take part in the Infant Fun Fest with several other schools. All the children participated with enthusiasm and were a credit to the school with their exemplary attitude and behaviour- the staff were all immensely proud of you!

However, the highlight of the week was the Y2 sleepover! Or maybe just the Y2 ‘over’ as not much sleep was had by many! It was a fun-packed evening: the children played games on the field, before having a picnic tea; a quick run around on the playground and swiftly onto the evening’s main entertainment from a magician who had us all pondering how he did his tricks! His monkey friend could have done with learning a few manners though - ask your child what he got up to!

Following this it was ‘Birk Hill Sleepover 2019’ T-shirt decorating, where children got creative and designed their own patterns and decorations. As things started to wind down for the night, it was time for the cinema experience where we watched a film and had an ice-cream. Finally, it was time for bed… as the children snuggled down for the night we hoped they were thinking about what an amazing time they had had! 

Class Blog 5th July 2019
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The Year 2 children have had a busy and exciting time this week. They started off the week with 2 mornings at Eckington Junior School - they were full of their junior school adventures, telling Birk Hill staff all about what they had done; what was different about the juniors and who they were with in their new classes. It was a fantastic and positive start to their junior school career!

On Wednesday morning, they took part in a ‘Dance Daze’ workshop. They learned lots of cool dance moves and had a thoroughly enjoyable time!

This week has also seen the start of practising for the end of year talent show. Children have chosen what talent they want to perform to the rest of the school and the adults who will be invited. They have come up with some amazingly creative ideas and are practising hard to hone their routines! Please come along and watch on the day!

Finally, the week has ended with a trip to the beautiful country of Italy. The year 2s started this learning about the country of Italy on Thursday when they created some big fact sheets showing what they had found out.

On Friday, we hopped on a plane, cruised through passport control and spent the day sampling traditional Italian food, making Venetian festival masks and recreating the famous landmark of The Leaning Tower of Pisa out of pasta and marshmallows! It was all great fun and the day flew by!

Class Blog 28th June 2019
Another week filled with adventure for Meerkats class.
On Tuesday we had a special coach come to teach us some cross fit. We had to move around the hall in different ways and then complete a series of workouts, including shadow boxing, mountain climbers, squats and climbing ladders. Some of us were very hot and sweaty because we worked so hard but everyone had a great time. 
On Thursday all of KS1 traveled to Cleethorpes for a trip to the beach. We spend the day playing in the water, digging in the sand and exploring the features of a seaside habitat. We were especially lucky because school treated us all to an ice cream, can you believe it? They were really yummy! Overall we had a fantastic day, thank you to all the parents and carers that came along to help the day run so smoothly. 
Class Blog 21st June 2019
What another busy week it has been for Meerkats class!
On Tuesday we had a special infant agility session, focusing on balance and movement. We started off by moving around the hall in many different ways. We pretended to be snakes, cheetahs, frogs and many other animals too. Then we played a game called 'Shark Attack' where we had to move around the hall and then find a way to balance in hoops on the floor. Finally we played some team games where we had to pass a bean bag either over our heads or between our legs to our teammate behind us. 
On Thursday all of KS1 went on a walk to the local woods to explore the habitat. We came well prepared in our wellies and boots - it's a good job that we did because it was very muddy. We jumped in lots of puddles and even got to have a paddle in the stream. On the walk we saw lots of different wildlife such as birds, squirrels, ladybirds, worms and centipedes. We even walked through a field filled with badger setts but we didn't spot any badgers. 
Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help and came with us on the walk! 
Class Blog 14th June 2019
What a wet week it has been this week - both outside and in the classroom. 
In English we have been learning how water is cleaned to make it safe for drinking and we then had a go at filtering some very dirty water ourselves. In the end the water was much cleaner but was still a funny yellow colour, and we know that it was not safe to drink because we would need to add some special chemicals like they do in big factories. 
In Maths we have been learning about Carroll Diagrams and how to read and interpret the information on them. To help us practice we made a large class Carroll Diagram that we used to place pictures of ourselves on to match the criteria.
In the afternoons we have been learning about road safety and how we can travel to and from school safely. We also learnt that the yellow zig-zag lines at the top of the school drive are there to keep us safe and no adults should park there. We made these information posters to take home so we could teach our parents and carers. 
Class Blog 7th June 2019
This week has been water week, meaning water has been a big focus in all of our lessons. 
In Maths we have been learning all about volume and capacity - in a very practical way. We have been estimating, ordering, measuring and comparing different containers and we have completed a number of water challenges, such as filling containers with syringes, watering cans and medical spoons. 
In English we have been learning and writing about the water cycle. We now know the meaning of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. We recreated the cycle through drama, by pretending to be little water droplets, and then completed some experiments, where we saw what happens when a cloud gets full and what happens when the water vapor rises and hits the cold air. 
Here is a short song hat we have been singing in class to help us remember the cycle. 
We were also set a home learning challenge to design and create a contraption to collect water. We had lots of very creative inventions and the entries will be judged and announced in Gold Book assembly this week. Take a look at some of our creations - can you guess how they work? 
Class Blog 17th May 2019
This week has been another busy one for all the Year 2 children. 
On Tuesday afternoon we had a visit from a specialist Zumba teacher. We started off with a warm up and then began to learn some moves. After mastering the basics we added a combination of leg and arm movements into a routine. At the end we split into groups and each group showed the rest of the class how well they could do the routine! 
On Wednesday we spent the afternoon learning to choose from and use a range of materials in DT. We had the challenge to create a lunch box that we could send across the sea to a lighthouse keeper. We had to make sure our designs were strong, secure and waterproof and we created some brilliant lunchboxes which are now on display in the classroom.
All the children have worked really hard this week on their SATS tests in the mornings. They have all had a brilliant attitude and tried their best each day.
We hope you have a fun-filled and relaxing weekend ready for some more hard work next week. 
Class Blog 10th May 2019
After another jam-packed week the children have certainly made up for their  long weekend and extra day off school.  
In computing we recapped what an algorithm is (a set of instructions) and how to code. 
We then used our skills on Purple Mash to help us solve a number of challenges such as getting one or two objects to move, making objects move in different ways and at different times and also debugging (fixing) mistakes in other people algorithms. 
In English we had some very small and slimy visitors in the form of 2 green toads. 
Kindly Mrs Fairweather brought them in from home so we could look closely and learn all about them. After their visit we created some fantastic writing, describing them in lots of detail and including all of our good writing features. 
Did you know their upper bodies are green so that they can camouflage? 
And that their tummies are bright orange so that they look poisonous when really they are not?
In Science we are continuing to learn all about plants. To discover what plants need to grow best we are carrying out an experiment in our very own classroom with 4 containers filled with cress seeds. We have put 2 containers in a dark cupboard with only one being watered, and the other 2 on the classroom side with again only one being watered. 
We will then compare the effects of sunlight and water on the development of our cress. 
Class Blog 3rd May 2019
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This week Meerkats have been learning all about plants. 
We went on a walk around our school to draw and write about some of the plants we could find. We saw daffodils, dandelions, daisies, bluebells, ivy, lavender and many more!
Then we planted some for ourselves. We have each planted a bean seed, which we will watch and document what happens as it grows over the next few weeks. 
Finally we planted some sunflower seeds. 
We can't wait to see them all grow!
Class Blog 12th April 2019
This week has been fun filled with lots of Easter activities. 
On Tuesday we had a visit from Rev Andy who explained and discussed the Easter story with us. On Wednesday and Thursday we got up to some Easter crafts, as we made baskets, eggs and cards. We even got to make some Easter buns in English to help us with our writing!
We are now looking forward to a well deserved break over the holidays.
Class Blog 5th April 2019
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We have had a number of visitors to Birk Hill this week!
On Tuesday we all took part in a 'Box-ercise' class. We completed a circuit of different activities which worked all of our muscles - we were very tired! 
On Wednesday we had a visit from Chris the firefighter. He taught us all about fire alarms. He also taught us all about fire plans, how to keep safe and even let some of us press a fire alarm to test it - it was very loud! 
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Class Blog 29th March 2019
Meerkats Class have been getting very creative this week with lots of Art!
We learnt what a color wash was and how to make our own, which we then used as a background for a boat that we created through collage. 
We also used some paints to create some wonderful mothers day cards - we bet you can't wait to receive them! 
Class Blog 15th March 2019
This week in PE we had a competition to round off our term of gymnastics. 
We had to work in teams to travel over a variety of equipment. There was a special focus on moving creatively and holding brilliant balances. 
We all performed very well and really enjoyed our afternoon!
Class Blog 8th March 2019
This week has been super jam packed full of fun things for Meerkats class. 
On Tuesday morning we made and ate some delicious pancakes which helped us to write some amazing recounts. 
Not to worry though, we burned off all the pancakes during the afternoon when a fencing specialist came to give us a lesson! He taught us how to stand and hold the (foam) 'swords' and how to move and block somebody else's 'sword'. 
On Thursday we celebrated 'World Book Day' with many of us arriving at school in our pyjamas! In the afternoon the whole school got together to read, relax and share their favourite stories. 
Class Blog 1st March 2019
This term we will be learning all about Captain James Cook and his adventures. Each week we will explore some of the countries he discovered. 
In order to do this, this week we have been learning the 7 continents and 5 oceans across the world using atlases and globes.
Here is a song we found to help us remember the continents. 

Our Song

Still image for this video
Class Blog 15th February 2019
This week Meerkats class turned creative during their DT lessons. 
They were challenged to create a boat for Captain James Cook using an old tub or box. Each boat also had to have a movable anchor that could be lifted or lowered.
The children worked really hard to create their boats, all completing the task and creating some brilliant designs. Some added sails, signs and even people to their boats. 
Have a look at our finished creations!
Class Blog 8th February 2019

This week we had a 'Day in China' to celebrate the Chinese New Year. After boarding the plane and heading through passport control we spent the day learning all about China and doing some super fun activities. 

In the morning we made paper dragons and fortune cookies, before trying some traditional Chinese food such as spring rolls, prawn crackers and sweet and sour sauce - we even had a go with some chopsticks, they were very tricky to use! 

In the afternoon we were taught a few, special Chinese dance moves by some very talented women. Afterwards they showed us a traditional Chinese dance and they were very good!

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Class Blog 1st February 2019

A huge well done to Meerkats class this week for their brilliant class assembly. We shared some of our learning from Maths and English with the parents and even showed off some of our hula-hooping skills. 


Thank you to everybody who came to see us, we hope you enjoyed it very much!


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Class Blog 25th January 2019

This week we had a super visit from Reverend Andy. 

He came to school to talk to us about belonging and he showed us what happens during a baptism. He explained that when a baby is baptised they are becoming part of God's family, the role of the Godparents and why water and oil is used on the baby's forehead. 

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Class Blog 18th January 2019
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This week we had a hula hoop workshop with 'The Hoop Guy'. 

We learned to hoop traditionally; hoop whilst turning around; to do the ally-oop (jumping while hooping); to do criss-cross (jumping and crossing and uncrossing our legs); turning 180 and 360 degrees while hooping and kneeling down and standing up while hooping. 

Some of us showed what we had learnt in a special end-of-the-day assembly before 'The Hoop Guy' showed us his audition on Britain's Got Talent!

We all had a great time!

Class Blog 11th January 2019
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This week has been 'Eco Week' and Meerkats have been learning all about the environment and how we can help to keep it clean and safe. We have learnt about what happens to our rubbish, where we should put our rubbish and which materials can be recycled and made into something new. 
On Wednesday we took a 'Litter Walk' around the area, to see how much litter we could spot. Unfortunately we saw lots of rubbish and only 2 bins! 
In the afternoon we had our 'Big Up-cycle Event'. We were challenged to make something new out of plastic bottles and other recyclable materials. We had some wonderful parents come in to help us make some amazing inventions such as wales, fish tanks, turtles, rowing boats and many more!
Class Blog 21st December 2018
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This week Meerkats class have had a super busy week with lots of exciting activities!

On Tuesday we had a visit from Rev Andy who shared the Christmas story with us, before answering some of our questions.

On Wednesday we had parties in our classrooms and we even had a special visit from Santa! We must have been good this year because he brought us all a present - I wonder what it might be?

Then, after school some of us went to the school disco and did lots of fun dancing!


We have worked very hard all year and are now ready for an exciting Christmas break.

Happy holidays!

Class Blog 14th December 2018
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Meerkats class have been practising their art skills this week. 

We have used our Science knowledge of the different seasons in the year to create a calendar. The calendar shows how the seasons affect a tree and it's leaves.

We will be bringing our calendar home next week to use after the new year. 

Class Blog 7th December 2018
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This week the school embarked on the annual tradition to see the Christmas pantomime - this year it was Dick Whittington. 

We hopped on the coaches and sped over to Rotherham, promptly finding our seats once we arrived. 

The performance was very funny and had lots of songs for us to join in with. Some of us were even invited up onto the stage to do a performance - it was so much fun! 

Thank you to all the adults who came with us to help, we couldn't have done it without them :)  

Class Blog 30th November 2018
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This week the class were very lucky to have a visitor from Dance Daze to teach us some street dance. 

We learnt some different moves and routines before putting our break dancing skills to the test and performing for our class. 

We had a great time and may even pull out some of our moves during our disco for golden time on Friday. 

Class Blog 23rd November 2018
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This week for Aspirations we have been learning all about Egypt. We learnt about Pharaohs, the River Nile and the great pyramids - we even had a go at making our own - before creating booklets and posters with our information on. 

We also tried to write our names in hieroglyphics, can you guess who's names these are?

Class Blog 9th November 2018
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On Thursday this week all the children at Birk Hill took a trip to India. First we hopped on a plane and then we went through passport control, before arriving in our classrooms for a range of different activities. 

In the morning Meerkats class completed Rangoli patterns using different seeds, decorated the Indian flag, made Diwali lamps using clay and even tasted some traditional Indian food, such as poppadoms, curry sauce and samosas. 

In the afternoon we learnt some Indian dance moves and put it all together to create an Indian dance. 

Class Blog 26th October 2018
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This term Meerkats class have been using the iPads and learning all about computing. This week we had an online safety lesson with all the children from KS1 to learn why it is important for us to be safe and what we should do to be safe if we use the internet.

Some of the top tips we learnt to help us stay safe were;
- Keep your personal information private
- People you don’t know are strangers, they’re not always who they say they are
- If you get that ‘uh-oh’ feeling always tell an adult
- Be nice to people on the computer like you would in the playground
Class Blog 19th October 2018
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A big thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended Meerkats Class Assembly this week. The children worked really hard and delivered a fantastic performance with very clear and loud voices and beautiful singing.  
They shared some of their work from English, Maths, Science and Computing from this term so far. 
Class Blog 12th October 2018
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This week we have been practising for our class assembly on Wednesday - we have been learning our class song and we all have some lines to say about our learning this year so far. 

We are looking forward to sharing our work with all our families. 

Class Blog 5th October 2018
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Meerkat Class are ready to go with their great book reading challenge! Well done to all the children who have already read some of the books. We will be reading lots of books in class together and ticking them off as we go.

Many of the books on the list can be viewed on Youtube, often read by great authors or actors, so do have a look at some of those too.

Class Blog 21st September 2018
In Art this week the Meerkat class have been looking at work by Guiseppe Arcimboldo. Guiseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portraits from fruit, vegetables and flowers. Here are some of the class' re-creations. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Class Blog 14th September 2018
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This week to celebrate ‘Roald Dahl day’ we have been looking at the story of 'The Enormous Crocodile.' We have read and watched the story in English, before re-writing it including the main details. We also made our very own 'The Enormous Crocodile' bookmarks to use in our reading books at school. 
Class Blog 7th September 2018
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After a long summer break the Meerkat class have got straight back into their learning. 
This week in PSHE we discussed how to be a good friend and what we can do to be a caring class. The children came up with some excellent ways to be caring, which we then stuck to our 'Caring Tree' along with the children's names. 
The Caring Tree is now on display in the classroom as a reminder to the children on how to be helpful, kind and caring.