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Ducks and Ducklings

Welcome to Ducks and Ducklings Class!

Class Blog 18th December 2020

We really have had a busy and fun packed week this week!

On Monday Reverend Andy came to visit us to tell us all about the Christmas story.  We listened very well and the grown-ups were proud of us.  

On Wednesday it was party day!  We watched a magician do lots of tricks and funny things, we had our party and then we got a video message from Father Christmas! He had left some gifts for us and asked Mrs Birch to bring them to our classrooms.  How lucky are we?!  

We have been busy making calendars and Christmas cards for our family and this week have made some decorations too.  There have been lots of Christmassy activities for us to do too. We are definitely all ready for the big day!

We all hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the break. Happy new year and we will see you in 2021!

Class Blog 11th December 2020

This week, we have been learning about colour and pattern.  We have sorted items according to their colour and had a go at recreating patterns. We even made patterns outside using construction materials. 

On Monday we performed our song for the Christmas production.  The grown-ups were very proud of us! 

On Friday it was Christmas jumper day.  We were invited to come to school in our Christmas jumper and bring a donation for Save the Children.  Thank you for your support with this worthwhile cause. 

Class Blog 4th December 2020

This week we have continued our learning about number 5 and about dinosaurs. We have also been busy learning songs for our Christmas performance. 

We have had 5 speckled frogs in the water tray, numicon pieces and jewels on the maths table and Numberblocks pictures to colour in on our writing table.  Our small world table was transformed into dinosaur land this week which we have really enjoyed playing with. The highlight of the week, however, was coming in to school on 1st December and seeing the Christmas tree!

Class Blog 27th November 2020

This week, we have started learning about number 5.  We have counted our fingers and drawn around our hands.  Each day we have had different number rhyme puppets to use such as 5 speckled frogs, 5 little ducks and 5 currant buns.  

We have also continued learning about dinosaurs and also about shapes - it's been a busy week!

Class Blog 20th November 2020

This week we have continued learning about number 4 - putting 4 eyes on monsters, adding jewels to numicon pieces and trying to fish the 4 sided shapes out of the water tray.

We have continued to learn about dinosaurs and have developed our motor skills by completing some dinosaur pencil control paths.

On Monday, it was odd socks day and we came to school with different socks on!  We had to try and find pairs of socks which we were really good at!

Class Blog 13th November 2020

We have had a very busy week this week!  

We have started learning about our new topic - Here Come the Dinosaurs.  We have drawn around dinosaur stencils and also used crayons to rub over them to make pictures which was quite tricky! 

We have also begun learning about number 4 and have looked at shapes which have 4 sides. 

On Thursday we celebrated A Day in India and learned about Diwali.  We were very lucky to have a visitor in school who taught us Indian dancing which was a lot of fun.

On Friday it was Children in Need and we came to school in our pyjamas!


Class Blog 6th November 2020

Welcome back! It was lovely to all be back together again after the holidays.


This week the Ducks have been learning about bonfire night and why it is celebrated. We have drawn firework pictures and carefully cut out shapes to make rockets.  We have practised our pencil control by drawing patterns in glittery salt and have used 2D shapes to make representations of fireworks.  Finally, we have had a small world fire station and have pretended to be firefighters.  What a fun packed week!

Class Blog 22nd October 2020

We have had a busy week this week and we're ready for a chance to rest and relax over the coming holiday. 

We have been learning all about number 3 this week.  We had a go at playing 3 in a row and have talked about stories with 3 things in like the three little pigs and Goldilocks and the three bears. Outside we worked together to build a house of bricks and a trap to catch the big bad wolf. Inside, we used tweezers to put pompoms onto the 1, 2 and 3 Numicon shapes which helped to develop our finger muscles.

This term we have been learning how to put our coats on by ourselves, including sorting out inside-out sleeves.  At nursery, we put on our hood first and then put one arm in the sleeve.  If we can manage it, we then find the second sleeve and put our arm in it.  Sometimes the adults help us with this bit because it can be tricky but we are getting better and better at doing this by ourselves. Please help us to practise putting on our coats so that we can become independent.  

Class Blog 16th October 2020

This week, the Ducks have been learning all about number 2.  We have counted out 2 items from a larger group and had a go at doing 2 things such as 2 jumps or 2 claps.

We had to rescue some dinosaurs which had been trapped in elastic bands which was really good for our finger muscles.  An extra challenge was trying to trap them again!

Class Blog 9th October 2020

This week, the Ducks have been learning all about number 1. We watched Numberblocks and have been finding 1 of different items around the classroom. 

We have learned all about our senses and talked about things we like to taste and things that we don't! 

We have continued to develop our gross and fine motor skills by riding bikes and scooters outside and by making bead bracelets and necklaces inside.

Our new friends have settled in really well and we are all very proud of them. 


Class Blog 2nd October 2020
In Ducks and Ducklings this week, we have been sorting items according to their colour.  We have also been using loose parts to make faces.  We have continued learning 'All About Me' and have learned a song called My Body.  
Class Blog 25th September 2020

This week in Ducks and Ducklings we have been learning the names of parts of our body.  We enjoyed singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes and we have continued to develop our motor skills by drawing pictures of ourselves, having looked carefully in the mirror first. What do you think of our efforts?

On Tuesday Andy Tooze visited us and we recited and acted out some poems with him which we all enjoyed.

On Friday we took part in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you for your support with this worthwhile cause.

Class Blog 18th September 2020

We have had a lovely week in Ducks and Ducklings.  

We have concentrated on strengthening the muscles in our hands by completing jigsaws, threading big buttons and racing against the clock to slide a ball from one side of a pattern board to another.  We have also started to do dough disco every day which is great for developing our muscle control. There is always play dough for us to play with too and this week it smells of lavender!

Outside, we have loved collecting acorns and spotting other signs of autumn. 

Class Blog 11th September 2020
Welcome back!
It’s been a fabulous first full week in Ducks and Ducklings.  It has been wonderful to see just how well the Ducks have settled back in after the holidays.  They have enjoyed welcoming our new friends and showing them the ropes.  The new children have settled in well and are learning to follow our routines.  They really are a credit to you. 
Our topic this term is All About Me.  We will be learning all about ourselves, our families and what makes us special and unique. 

This week we have drawn self portraits and the classroom is looking lovely with the addition of the children’s pictures.