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Welcome to Crocodiles Class!



Class Blog 18th December 2020

Well done Crocodiles on your first full term completed! You have worked so hard and I know myself and Mrs King are very proud of your achievements! We have had a very busy week to end this term, on Monday we welcomed Reverend Andy into school to talk to us about the 'Nativity Story'. He told us lots of really interesting information that we didn’t know; Myrrh-an oil that they would rub on their hands, Frankincense- bark from a tree that smells nice when burnt and gold were the gifts given to baby Jesus. Afterwards we asked lots of questions and spoke to Reverend Andy about how we celebrate Christmas in our homes. 

On Wednesday we had an amazing magician visit us showing us some outstanding magic and also his very cheeky chimp! Following this we had our class parties and class discos where we were impressed by the dance moves from crocodiles! 

Have a lovely Christmas and well deserved break, I hope Santa brings you everything you have asked for! Merry Christmas Crocodile class and your families. 

Class Blog 11th December 2020

This week started with our fantastic performance of our Christmas Story and songs performed by all the children. We look forward to seeing the final filming of it on our school website very soon!


In English we have begun looking at poetry. We read 'Twas the night before Christmas' and looked at new vocabulary we were unsure of. We learned about similes and rhyming words such as 'his nose was red like a cherry' and 'his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly.' We will continue looking at similes, rhyming, adjectives and imagery next week as well.


We have been very busy in the afternoons with lots of festive arts and crafts which we are looking forward to sending home next week as we round off our final week before Christmas!

Class Blog 4th December 2020

This week in phonics we have been looking at the sounds ure (pure, cure, manure) and er (dinner, ladder, hammer). We have also been phonics detectives finding the sounds we have learnt so far. In Year 2 we also looked at the sound au (haunt, launch) and ou- which can make different sounds (soup, couch, shoulder). 


In English we have been designing our own story settings! We have very creative children in Crocodiles class with some amazing ideas for settings in: space, under the sea, christmas wonderland, enchanted forests. Year 1's wrote sentences containing adjectives to describe their settings whilst Year 2's wrote sentences with expanded noun phrases and extended their sentences with words such as: and, but, because, then, suddenly. 


In PE this week we had a visitor again who came in to teach us some athletics skills. We showed excellent listening skills to play some games and compete in relays against our peers in teams. We also enjoyed using some new equipment called howlers. Ask us at home about what they were! 

Class Blog 27th November 2020

This week in phonics we have been practising the sounds ‘ow’ for cow, ‘ear’ for hear, ‘air’ for hair and ‘oi’ for soil- in group 1. In group 2 we practised our sounds 'ow' for snow, and 'ie' for shriek, which is tricky as we know 'ie' for tie but had to learn that sometimes it makes a different sound! We have practised reading and writing words with the sounds in.

In the afternoons we have been learning about the Great Fire of London during Tudor times. We learnt more facts about The Great Fire and designed our own Tudor houses on 'Purple Mash' on the ipads before creating them in design technology. Thank you to all that sent in boxes and materials to help us create them!

Class Blog 20th November 2020

This week in phonics we continued to learn the vowel digraphs: oa, oo, ar, or and ur. We also continued with looking at the sounds i , o, u to find out that sometimes the sound can change to sound like the letter name e.g. i- for kind, o- for gold and u- for unicorn. Each day we practise saying and forming the sound, then we apply the word to reading and writing some words and sentences.  We also keep a look out for these sounds through the day, in our other learning. 


In English we became our own authors. We recapped our story 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig' by Eugene Trivizas and then changed the ending to the story. In year 1 we also looked at adding the suffix -ed to verbs to put them 'in the past' e.g. jump-jumped, crawl-crawled. In year 2 we looked at expanded noun phrases- a phrase made up of a noun and at least one adjective.


In Maths, year 1 have looked at subtraction along a number line and begun learning our rhyme 'The easy way to take away is tally. Small number, big number.' This helps us when we begin to show our working out for bigger subtraction number sentences. In year 2 we finished looking at money, giving change, checking change and comparing amounts of money using the greater than and less than symbols. 


In History we have begun looking at 'The Great Fire of London' which we are finding facts about and learning about life in the time of the Tudors. 

Class Blog 13th November 2020

What a fantastic week Crocodiles have had! In phonics we have been looking at the sounds: oa, oo, or, ur, ar and learning that the letter a and e can sometimes sound like the letter names A and E, for example bacon (b-a-c-o-n), or she (sh-e).


In English we looked at the alternative traditional tale of:  'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig'. We thought of adjectives to describe our character and learned lots of new words that are in the story! Please have a watch at home, we will be carrying on next week with it developing some of our creative writing ideas.


In Maths Year 1 have been introduced to the takeaway or subtraction symbol. We have begun working out some simple number sentences, learning to cross out, or take items away to work out our answers as well as counting back on a number line. In Year 2 we have continued looking at money by counting coins, and notes which we find much easier now we can count in 2's, 5's and 10's. 


On Thursday we had a very fun day for 'a day in India' where we did lots of different Indian activities including some Bollywood dancing! 

Class Blog 6th November 2020

Welcome back Crocodiles!

I hope you all had a fantastic half term! We have settled back into school really well for our first week back. 


In phonics Year 1 have begun looking at the sounds ai, ee, igh and oo. In Year 2 we have recapped the split diagraph sounds a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e and u-e. 


In English we have looked at fireworks poems with a focus on adjectives for Year 1 and adjectives and verbs for Year 2.


In Maths we have begun looking at money, recognising coins and adding 1p's- for Year 1, and adding 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, and 20p in Year 2 now that we can count brilliantly in 2's, 5's and 10's this is a lot easier! Next week Year 2 will also begin looking at £1 and £2 coins as well. 


In the afternoon we completed our Art unit by looking at the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo who, as you may see, creates faces with fruit, vegetables and flowers. We researched the artist before turning our hands to a bit of vegetable art as well. Crocodiles loved it and couldn't stop laughing at the strange features they made their faces have! 

Class Blog 22nd October 2020

This week has been great fun! We had a visit from Liam who came to deliver some fun athletics challenges for us where we practised lots of racquet skills before taking part in a relay competition with our friends in class. Even though we got rained on a little you can see it didn't bother us one bit, we were having too much fun!


In the afternoon we continued to learn about the United Kingdom and this week focussed on Northern Ireland. We learnt about the Giant's Causeway and enjoyed the legend about how the stones were formed and used by...giants! We can say lots of facts about the United Kingdom now, ask us at home!


Have a great half term!

Class Blog 16th October 2020

This week in phonics for Year 1 we have been looking at vowel sounds a e i o u. We practised writing these letters and reading words containing each letter.

We also listened to and sang along with the vowel song.


In phonics for Year 2 we have looked at the sounds oe, au, wh and ph including looking at reading the tricky words:  oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked  and writing the words: 


said, so, have, like, some, come, were, there. 




In English for Year 1 we have looked at the story of the Loch Ness Monster and Year 2 have looked at the Komodo Dragon. We then wrote reports about what we had researched about the Loch Ness Monster and the Komodo Dragon. Ask us about any facts we can remember about these two topics. 


In the afternoons we have learnt and explored around our learning theme of Brilliant Britain. This week we found out about Scotland and Wales, then used our creative skills to show what we have learnt.
Class Blog 9th October 2020

This week Crocodiles have begun looking at a new English topic of Dragons! Linked to our Brilliant Britain learning theme we started by looking at our patron Saint, Saint George and the Dragon. We discussed the understanding of the words fantasy, legends, fiction and non-fiction. Our main focus was the dragon and so of course we thought of adjectives to describe the dragon. Year 1 designed Wanted Posters for the dragon whilst Year 2 worked on comprehension and understanding of the story. 


In Maths, Year 1 have been looking at part part whole models to help us with addition. Year 2 also retouched on part part whole model and used it to find fact families such as 12+13=25 can also be written as 13+12=25, 25-12=13 and 25-13=12! 


In Art we have begun focussing on how to draw people. We focussed on the artist Lowry and looked at his drawing style before helping Mrs Bradshaw draw herself, making sure we included all the funny parts we forget to include such as neck and shoulders and the correct lengths of arms and legs. Crocodiles were fantastic and produced some beautiful drawings of their grown ups at home or of themselves! 


Well done Crocodiles! 

Class Blog 2nd October 2020

This week in English we have been writing our letters to the giant in 'Jim and the Beanstalk.' We have looked at how we can make sure our writing is amazing by adding: finger spaces, full stops and capital letters (Year 1) Using interesting adjectives in our writing, making sure our writing makes sense and using connectives such as and, because, then (Year 2). We have finished our super letters to be sent off to the giant. Fingers crossed he replies!


In Maths for Year 2 we have been looking at counting in 2's, 5's, 10's and even begun looking at counting in 3's! We looked at our coins of 2, 5's and 10p and used these to help us. Ask us at home if we can count your coins to help us count in 2's, 5's and 10's. 

In Maths for Year 1 we have been looking at 1 more and 1 less. We rolled a dice, wrote the number down and worked out using number lines or counting objects what the number would change to if we added, one more, or one less. 


This week we have begun looking at our new learning theme topic of 'Brilliant Britain' we have identified where we are on a map and been finding out about the countries that make up the United Kingdom. See if we can remember them at home. 

Class Blog 25th September 2020

What a lovely week we have had Crocodiles! We have continued to look at our story 'Jim and the Beanstalk' by Raymond Briggs. We have begun settling back into our writing and producing some amazing pieces of work remembering our key writing features such as capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Our key focus for the week was questioning. Looking at question words such as: Do? Why? Can? Who? What? Where? Remembering that all our questions must have a question mark at the end. 

In Maths, year 1 have begun looking at the addition symbol + and working  out number sentences up to 10 eg. 2+3=, 5+5=, 3+5=. In year 2 we have continued looking at numbers to 100 and practising our addition as well!

On Tuesday we welcomed Andy Tooze - Poet from the Peaks to Birk Hill and Crocodiles had our own creative poetry session with Andy. Crocodiles joined in with many of Andy's poems including actions before writing our own poem about our science topic- Plants! 

Class Blog 18th September 2020

This week in Crocodiles class we have been looking at a story called Jim and the Beanstalk. We have compared it to Jack and the Beanstalk, looked at what order the events happen and written about our favourite part. Whilst we have been thinking about the giant beanstalk we have also had a go at growing our own beanstalks and vegetables in class for science. Hopefully we will start to see the shoots growing by next week! The Year 2’s have also been making predictions for what we think will happen to our other plants that have been put in a cupboard, the fridge and one that has not been watered.

In Maths we have been very busy with Year 1’s practising their number recognition and writing numbers to 10 and 20 and introduced the + add sign. In Year 2 we have been looking at numbers to 50 and even 100, identifying missing numbers and learning how to add big numbers by counting the tens and ones.

We have spent some more time this week getting to know each other and talking about friendship and looking after one another. We also voted for our playground buddies and our class councillors, ask your child if they can remember who got the most amount of votes.

We thoroughly enjoyed our PE lessons again this Monday and Tuesday by making the most of the sunshine and doing them on the playground. We worked on a range of ball skills with partners and further developed our methods of movement from hopping, sidestepping, galloping, skipping and hop scotching, we were all thoroughly exhausted by the end!

Class Blog 11th September 2020

Finally! We’re all back! What a lovely week we have had settling back into school life, getting used to the ‘new normal’ and getting to know one another. This week in crocodiles we have been practicing our counting, ordering, and writing numbers to 10 and 20 for Year 1 and up to 100 for Year 2! In English we watched a short clip called ‘The Clocktower’ and discussed what we saw and thought was happening in the video before writing about it.

In the afternoons we have been discussing our new learning theme topic ‘Brilliant Britain’ and sharing what facts we already know about Britain. In science our topic is plants, we wrote about what information we already know about plants and different types that we know, we even had time in the lovely sunshine to go for a hunt to find some flowers, grasses, leaves and even weeds for us to analyse back in the classroom. We have thoroughly enjoyed coming to school in our PE kits for our PE lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays and looked at types of movement that we can do, and then incorporated some balls and hoops into it as well!