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Class Blog 17th January 2020
This week in English we finished looking at our story 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes finding out exactly where Dogger had been lost. We wrote about our favourite toys we shared the week before in golden time and thought about how we might feel if our favourite toys went missing for the day!
In Maths we have continued to look at Time focusing on half past and o'clock. Ask us at home when it is these times and see if we can tell you!
On Tuesday we had a visitor who came and taught us about skipping.  We were taught how to properly hold the skipping rope and how to get started to allow us to confidently skip. We then played some skipping games and practiced skipping around the playground.
We have also been looking at Electricity in Science. We practiced making a circuit using crocodile clips, a bulb and a battery. We made predictions about the experiments we did and looked at batteries and how they have to be fitted to allow them to work. 
Class Blog 10th January 2020
Welcome back Crocodiles! We hope you have had a long restful break! We can tell you have come back raring to go because we have had some amazing work produced this week!
In English we have been reading the story 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes where a little boy called Dave lost his favourite toy Dogger. We had some brilliant predictions written in class for where we thought Dogger might be and we have been designing some 'lost' posters to help find him. 
In Maths we are beginning to look at time! We have focussed on o'clock and half past, we made our own clocks to identify where the numbers go, and what different hands represent. 
Our new learning theme this term is 'Let's get Moving!' We have looked at moving toys and how toys have changed from the past to the present. We sorted new and old toys and even enjoyed some time playing with some very old toys! Crocodiles were amazed and were happy to send back all their new Christmas toys from Santa to trade for the old toys, they loved them that much!
Class Blog 20th December 2019
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We made it! Well done Crocodile class on your first term completed in Year 1! Another very busy week has seen the Crocodiles very busy working like little elves making Christmas presents for their families. We loved practicing Christmas songs for our Christmas coffee morning and showcasing them to you.

In English we have been helping Candy our trainee elf to complete many Christmas jobs such as organising our list of good girls and boys, writing the names of the toys Santa will be delivering, and describing Candy the elf and drawing a picture to match.

We have had a visitor this week teaching us boxercise which Crocodiles loved, we were taught some boxing skills in such a fun way we didn’t even know we were learning special skills! To begin with we warmed up our bodies and then played some boxercise games in pairs.

Another visitor we had was Reverend Andy who came to class to talk to us about the Nativity Story and we had the chance to ask lots of theological questions about Jesus and God.

Have a lovely break Crocodiles, have lots of rest and enjoy your special time with your families. See you in the new year!

Class Blog 13th December 2019

What a busy week! As well as our Wriggly Nativity Christmas performances we have been very busy preparing for Christmas, making gifts for our loved ones! We have made colourful Christmas tree cards and seasonal calendars to send home next week showing off our beautiful drawing skills we have been learning in art.

In English we have been writing our letters to Santa telling him how we have been naughty or nice and what we would like for Christmas! We left them with our class elf, Zippy, who has come to visit and join in our English lessons.

In Maths we have had great fun learning about ‘fact families’. Using only three numbers from a number sentence we can make four different number sentences. Two are addition and two are subtract. Try this out at home; give us one number sentence for example 5+9=14 and ask what other number sentences are in the same fact family. We loved spotting the patterns and realising we didn’t have to work out each number sentence if we just moved the numbers around!

Class Blog 6th December 2019
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After last week reading and retelling the story ‘This is the bear and the scary night’ the crocodiles have written their own stories this week in English; ‘This is the bear at Birk Hill’! We thought about where the bear might visit if it was left alone in school and took some photographs to set the scene. We wrote matching sentences and worked on extending our sentences with ‘and ‘so’ and ‘because’.

In Maths we have been completing little assessments to see how much we have learnt this term from place value, addition and subtraction and shapes. Crocodiles did amazingly well and made Mrs Bradshaw very proud!

On Thursday we spent the day in Russia! When we got off ‘our plane’ we went to passport control run by the Year 2’s and got a Russian flag put into our passports. We spent the whole day learning all about Russia. We studied Kandinsky's art before trying it ourselves in watercolour, we listened to Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’ and read the story of Babushka. Crocodiles class were amazed by Mrs Smith and Mrs Bradshaw’s Russian dolls and designed our own, sadly not out of wood! We can now also speak a few words of Russian!

Class Blog 29th November 2019
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This week in Crocodiles class we have been retelling the story 'This is the bear and the scary night'. We looked at developing our writing and ensuring we included all our key writing points; capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, writing on the line and correct letter formation. We began to look at commas and spotted them in the story and discussed how they could be used in our writing in future. 
In Maths we have been looking at subtraction in many different ways. We looked at subtraction word problems such as: I had 10 sausages but then I cooked 3 of them. How many are left? Crocodiles were able to use number lines to support their counting backwards, and used tally lines which they could cross out. We also had a play with some play dough, making the objects in our subtraction problems, then splatting the amount we took away to be able to count how many were left.
We began Art this week looking at a British artist; Stephen Wiltshire who draws landscapes from memory. Sticking with our learning theme for this term 'Amazing Eckington' we decided on 3 landmarks in Eckington to have a go at drawing in the style of Stephen Wiltshire, beginning with looking at the main large shapes and objects before adding fine detail. Crocodiles love art and were very focused with the help of a bit of background music.
Class Blog 22nd November 2019
This week in English we carried on looking into our Victorian history and as it was Eco week we focused on electrical household items now and researched what Victorian's used instead!
In Maths we have been looking at developing our confidence with addition before moving onto subtraction next week.
As it was Eco week with a focus on electricity we looked at electricity in the home, thinking of items that use electricity, spotting common electrical hazards and writing our own safety rules.
We used the fun, interactive website 'Switched on kids' to understand where electricity comes from. Have a look at home, Crocodiles loved the switches they could click on. Http://

Finally we took part in a fantastic fencing workshop where we learnt how to stand 'on guard' and how to lunge and thrust to score points. Crocodiles were amazing and really impressed our visitor with our amazing skill and stamina. Well done Crocodiles!

Class Blog 15th November 2019

What a busy week for Crocodiles! Birk Hill were wowed by Crocodiles class assembly on Wednesday where we showcased some of the things we have been learning recently including counting in 2’s, learning our 3D shapes and actions to match, facts about giraffes, adjectives and verbs for our acrostic firework poems. Well done Crocodiles class!

In English we have been looking at a hidden diary and photographs that were found in a house in Eckington from the Victorian times. We learnt a little bit about the little girl’s life and thought of questions we would like to ask her such as; why is the toilet outside? Why are her brothers wearing such smart clothes? Why are her brothers wearing flat caps? Why don’t they have a washing machine? We watched a programme about life in the Victorian times and loved dressing up in Victorian clothes, including Mrs Bradshaw in a delightful huge skirt and cape! We also had a number of items to explore and guess their use such as a rug beater, a washboard, a dolly tub and a plunger.

In Maths we have been looking at ordering larger numbers up to 20, 30 and some of us even up to 100! We used dienes to support us from last week which we were amazing at and remembered to use our language of tens and ones. To round it off we played a fun place value game in pairs where the children took it in turns to choose a number and decide whether to put it in the ten’s column, one’s column or bin! The person with the highest number won! I bet you can tell from the faces of the children in the photos who won.

In our afternoons we continued to look at Eckington in the past, and compared similarities and differences between the town now and then. We also learnt about the amazing starfish site-Eckington Woods and the role it played in WW2 to save Sheffield. See if the Crocodiles can remember any facts to share with you at home.

Class Blog 8th November 2019
This week in English we have been looking at firework poems and spotting verbs, adjectives and nouns before writing our own acrostic poems. We hope to see you next week for our class assembly so you can hear some of these!
In Maths we have been using dienes blocks to support our learning of tens and ones. Crocodiles class mastered this on Monday straight away and this allowed us to look at bigger numbers later in the week! Ask us at home how we would make a given number using dienes blocks.
In the afternoons we have been busy preparing for Remembrance Day by making our own poppies to put in the courtyard outside our classrooms for Monday.
We also learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we remember the 5th of November. It was a lovely to hear of all the stories of how you celebrated in the week. Continuing with the firework theme we practiced our rhythmic dancing in PE and developed some new moves in pairs, it was very tiring pretending to be zooming, whirling, twirling, sizzling fireworks!
Class Blog 25th October 2019
Week 8 and Crocodile Class have made it to the end of the first half term! Well done! Mrs Bradshaw is so pleased with how well you have all worked and impressed with how much we have managed to cram in already! We ended on a very busy week!
With the colder weather coming our way we spent this week reminding ourselves of what changes we see in Autumn. We read the book 'Leaf man' who went on an adventure blowing wherever the wind took him. We made our own leaf man/leaf woman and thought about where the wind might take it on an adventure. Afterwards we wrote out our own version of the leaf man story. 
In Maths we have been looking at direction and position. Crocodiles enjoyed controlling 'beebots' and sending them about on a grid to find treasure. They had to input how many moves forwards, backwards, and turning left and right. Afterwards we pretended to be 'beebots' ourselves and our partners had to give us directions around the hall. 
We have had a very active week with a visit from Miss Morgan for 'dance daze' who taught us some amazing dance moves to combine into a special dance routine including moves like 'the worm' and 'toprock'.
We also had our trip to Whittington Green school where we joined with 4 other North East Derbyshire schools to take part in a agility courses, developing our multiskills. All the crocodiles were fantastic and won a certificate for their superb work!
Have a lovely rest over half term and I look forward to hearing all about your Halloween adventures!
Class Blog 18th October 2019

This week Crocodiles have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have been on shape hunts, looking for shapes in our everyday environment, we have modelled them out of playdough and polydron and even played shape bingo with Mrs Franklin and Mrs Bradshaw. 


In English we have been finishing off our instructions work and remembering to use adjectives and time connectives such as; first, next, then and finally. We made our own sock puppets and then spent time writing out a step by step plan to pass onto the Swans class so they can make some too!


This term in music we have been listening to lots of different styles of music, in particular rap songs such as 'Can't touch this' 'Me, Myself and I' and 'Rapper's Delight'. The Crocodiles enjoyed listening for what instruments they could hear and following the beat of the music with our bodies and some instruments. We have also been practicing a song called 'Hey You' which we are amazing at singing now and can even put instruments to it! Ask us at home to sing it and see if they can teach you too!
Class Blog 11th October 2019

What a busy week Crocodiles have had! We began the week by giving Mrs Bradshaw directions to make a simple jam sandwich because she had never made one before! The instructions were not specific enough and the sandwich nearly ended up a big mess! Crocodiles soon realised they had to be very clear about what instructions they gave and we wrote our instructions out for Mrs Bradshaw to use at home! We also had a go at making our own paper plate dinosaurs with no help from Mrs Bradshaw or Mrs Franklin and only picture instructions to help!  They turned out amazing!


In Maths we carried on developing our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and also began looking at number bonds to 20 to really challenge ourselves.


We went on a lovely walk around Eckington and looked out for landmarks and different buildings that we have been learning about in our topic this term. We stopped off on the way for a biscuit and a drink before heading back up the hill! The crocodiles were brilliant and walked the whole way with only one person declaring they might need to go to bed once they were back in class!


Once back at school we began making our own 3D map to show our journey, including many of the buildings we saw. We can't wait to see the finished product when we put it all together!

Class Blog 4th October 2019
Week five and Crocodiles are now settled in to the swing of Key Stage 1, showing us how amazing they are and demonstrating their growth mind set!
The week started with us understanding the features of non-fiction and fiction texts,  and Crocodiles brought in their favourite books from home to share. We spent a lot of time working out whose were fiction and non-fiction, we asked questions about each others stories and read them together. Afterwards we wrote sentences in our books about why we liked our favourite books!
In Maths we have been looking at 'part-part whole models' and using them to solve addition and subtraction number problems.
In Geography we worked in pairs to talk about the differences and similaries between villages, towns and cities. We talked about what we thought Eckington was and why, and wrote sentences to match. Ask us at home and see if we remember what we chose and why!
Class Blog 27th September 2019

The crocodiles have been learning all about harvest this week and enjoyed a visit to our local church where we sang songs and spoke about harvest around the world. Back at school we continued our learning by thinking of adjectives for fruits and vegetables. We  also enjoyed taste testing some fruit to help us a little bit! We used our super adjectives to write some lovely harvest basket poems!


In Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10! There are so many, we used numicon, counting objects and even cakes to help us work out all the different ways we can add numbers together to make 10! Ask us at home and I’m sure we can tell you some of them!


We had a visitor this week teaching us Boccia in PE. We learnt what Boccia is and competed against each other with red and blue balls, trying to control our throwing power and our aim to get the closest to the white target ball. Crocodiles were amazing at this and really impressed our visitor!

Class Blog 20th September 2019
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Crocodiles have had a fantastic week and worked very hard!
In English we have written the entire story of Jack and the Beanstalk and impressed Mrs Bradshaw with all our adjectives we remembered to include from last week!
In Maths we have looked at odd and even numbers and spotted that it is also numbers in the 2 times table. All the crocodiles were amazing and remembered how to count in two's which they remembered from last year! We have also been looking at number lines and ordering numbers, finding one more and one less.
In RE we took turns to show our special items brought in from home and told the class why that item is special to us. We drew pictures to match and wrote a sentence explaining.
Class Blog 13th September 2019

This week in Crocodile class we have been busy reading Jack and the Beanstalk and thinking of adjectives to describe the characters in the story.


We have also been looking at growing our very own beanstalk in Science by getting hands on and planting broad beans, cress and potatoes! We are studying how fast they grow, and what they need to help them grow.


We have been looking at a range of plants and trees that we have growing around our school and identifying what they are from our fact sheet. It also gave us chance to see the first signs of Autumn as we found many leaves changing colour and lots of acorns!


We have been very active this week as well where we have begun to listen to and copy the beat in music, clapping, marching and dancing in time to different rhythms. We were amazing at this and even put our own words to it by the end.


Well done Crocodiles! Let’s see how much our beans, cress and potatoes have grown by Monday! We have a few who are keen to eat them!


Class Blog 6th September 2019
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Crocodiles class have settled in amazingly for our first week back! After only having 3 days this week we have managed to get lots of learning and lots of fun crammed in!

This week, in maths we have been practicing our counting, ordering and writing numbers to 10 and 20 .

In English we discussed with the rest of the class what we did in our holidays and wrote a postcard to our new class mascot, Kevin Crocodile, telling him all about what fun we had! 

In the afternoons we have been busy researching for our new topic ‘Amazing Eckington’ by looking at where we live on globes, maps and Google Earth. Crocodile class were very excited to share their existing knowledge of what places they already knew in Eckington such as the library, swimming pool, the post office and our school! We will be discovering lots of new facts about Eckington this term.

Well done Crocodiles class. A great first week!