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Class Blog 18th January 2019
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On Monday when we came back to school after the weekend Floppy the dog was missing! We looked all over the classroom but we couldn’t find him anywhere. Suddenly, whilst we were looking, an email came through for us from Floppy!

He had decided to go on an adventure. He went to a travel agents to book his trip but we didn’t know where he had gone. In circle time we looked at maps of the world and a globe to try and work out where Floppy might have gone. We then we wrote our ideas down remembering to use our phonics to work out the sounds we needed for each word.

On Thursday, 'The Hoop Guy' came into Birk Hill and played some games with us using hula hoops. We all had a really great time and can’t wait to try out some of the things he taught us in our outdoor learning time.

In mathematics we have been working on finding 1 or 2 less than a given number.
Class Blog 11th January 2019
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Happy New Year everybody! What a fantastic first week we’ve had in Swans class! All of the teachers are so proud of how the Swans have come back in to school after the Christmas holidays.

This week has been ‘Eco Week’ at Birk Hill and the Swans have been leaning how to be an Eco Superhero and keep the environment clean and safe for everyone. We have learnt all about recycling and how to sort out our rubbish so it can be made into something new. Throughout the week we collected all of our unwanted paper to recycle and we managed to fill 3 big bags!

On Wednesday afternoon we had our big ‘Up-cycle’ event. Our challenge was to make something new out of used wrapping paper. We also invited our parents to come in and join in the fun and help us make some amazing things from photo frames to handbags! Thank you to all of the parents, carers and family members who were able to come in and help.
Class Blog 21st December 2018
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We’ve had very exciting time in Swans class in the last week before Christmas! On Tuesday we had a visit from Reverend Andy. He came to tell us all about the Christmas story and some of the children helped - everyone was really excited to get involved! At the end we had a chance to ask questions and Reverend Andy did a fantastic job of answering them so that we could all understand.

Wednesday afternoon was our party afternoon where we played lots of games and did our best disco dancing moves. We also had a visit from Father Christmas! Everyone was very excited to see him and all of the children got a present too!

As this is the last blog of the year may we all take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Class Blog 14th December 2018
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This week in Swans class we've been very busy with our school Christmas concert. We all tried really hard to join in with the concert songs and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! All of the grown-ups in school were very proud of us.


In Mathematics we have been looking at creating a simple repeating pattern using colours, objects and shapes.  We used our exploring time to have a go at making our own repeating patterns . 

Class Blog 7th December 2014
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What a busy week we've had in Swans class! At the beginning of the week we had a Family Christmas Craft Morning which really helped us get into the Christmas spirit; it was fantastic having our families in school joining in with our learning in such a fun and creative way.


We have also been doing lots of Nativity practise for our Christmas concert which we hope you will all enjoy. The whole school ended the week with an amazing trip to the Pantomime in Rotherham to see Dick Whittington. A big thank you to all the grown-ups who came along to help!

Class Blog 30th November 2018
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Our learning this week has been inspired by pirates again! Not only did Pirate Pete write to us to say he needed a boat, he also asked us to find his treasure so we got to work! After exploring floating and sinking with different materials, we decided what we would need to make our own boats. Many of us used sponges or plastic bottles to make boats for Pirate Pete. On Friday we raced our boats to see which one rescued the treasure the fastest. Pirate Pete was very lucky because we also worked together to make a giant pirate ship for our role play area.
Class Blog 23rd November 2018
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Ahoy, our learning this week has been inspired by pirates! Not only have pirates been leaving us messages in our classroom, we have been busy making maps, wanted posters and costumes too. Pirates Love Underpants has become one of our favourite stories! On Thursday, our family members and friends came into school to join in with our pirate craft workshop. As we allowed our creativity to flow, we made items such as treasure boxes and hats. We will need these next week for our exciting pirate day!

On Wednesday, our family and friends came to see us share our learning about Diwali and Funnybones at our class assembly. Not only were our teachers proud of the learning which we shared, they were also extremely proud of the way we spoke in front of a large audience with confidence and self belief.
Class Blog 16th November 2018
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'Friendship Week' in school has been a great success! After reading a brilliant book called 'Have you Filled a Bucket Today?', we talked about what it means to be kind and to be a good friend. We pretended that everyone carries an invisible bucket with them and talked about how it is our job to make sure we fill everyone's buckets with kindness. This led to a brilliant discussion where we shared many ideas of how to do this such as: saying thank you to grownups at home, smiling at others and to share resources in school with our friends. To celebrate the end of 'Friendship Week' we released a class balloon into the sky with our school values attached. Keep a look out for it in the community and let us know if you find it!
Class Blog 9th November 2018
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This week has been full of celebration! We learned about Diwali and took part in many exciting activities. These included: making our own lamps and lanterns, tasting foods, creating our own Mehndi patterns and talking about the celebrations and family traditions which are important to us. On Thursday, a special visitor taught us how to dance to Diwali themed music. We really impressed our visitor as we listened carefully and worked hard to dance in time to the music. We have another exciting week in school next week when we will be celebrating ‘Friendship Week’ as a whole school.
Class Blog 26th October 2018
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Bang, fizz, pop, crackle! This week we have been learning about Bonfire Night. With the celebration just around the corner for many people, we have been talking about how to stay safe during what is an exciting time. Ask us if we can remember the top tips we learned at school. Our learning didn't stop there; we learned all about different shapes and their properties whilst building rocket  models and wrote a list of noises that fireworks might make. We are now starting to apply what we have learned in phonics sessions directly into our writing.

We were keen to read more of the 'Funny Bones' story too which we enjoyed reading last week. This inspired us to make our own shadow puppet theatre and our very own puppets and we used them to retell the story in our classroom. This also allowed us to learn about how shadows are formed.

Our teachers are incredibly proud of our achievements as we have now completed our first half term in our new class. They would like to wish everyone a safe and happy break and look forward to welcoming us back into school shortly.
Class Blog 19th October 2018
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This week began with excitement as we started to read the story of 'Funny Bones'. We were intrigued to find out about the different characters and the setting of the story. Making mini books and writing speech bubbles for the characters encouraged us to write for motivating purposes. If you look around our classroom, you will see examples displayed for others to enjoy.

We have also enjoyed learning the 'Funny Bones' song and the dance moves that go with it!

On Friday we applied our reading skills to reading instructions in order to make a movable skeleton. Even though it was tricky at times, we persevered and were determined to use split pins to allow the bones to move. We are becoming more familiar with the names of different bones in our body which we can identify on a skeleton. When bones appeared in and around our classroom, we measured them and then compared the different lengths.

Class Blog 12th October 2018
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Since we enjoyed reading the story of 'Winnie the Witch' last week, we have continued to learn more about Winnie and Wilbur this week. Looking carefully at the illustrations in the book has allowed us to ask many questions about the text and to talk at length about Winnie's dark, gloomy house. Some of us decided we wanted to dress up as Winnie so we made our own witches hat, learning all about how to join materials together in the process. Our spell books have been used again this week as we thought of even more ingredients to put into Winnie's cauldron.  Learning maths skills was enjoyable this week as we counted Winnie's magic gems, sorted out her numbered hats when she muddled them up and measured her wands!
Class Blog 5th October 2018
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This week has been full of exciting learning and magic! After reading a story titled ‘Winnie the Witch‘, we followed a recipe to make our own magic potions. We asked lots of questions about the reaction we saw between all of the different ingredients we used. Later in the week we counted different ingredients into Winnie’s cauldron to help her to make even more magic! Some of us challenged ourselves to add two groups of Winnie’s ingredients together. Making wands was a great way to develop our fine motor skills and a great motivator to practise forming letters and words in Winnie’s magical glitter. You may have seen our small world resources in our classroom which we have helped to create so we can continue to enjoy retelling the story next week too. If you look carefully you will see our spell books where we have been using our writing skills to write spells for Winnie.
Class Blog 28th September 2018
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We have been reading a story titled ‘Walking through the Jungle’ this week. This inspired us to make our own jungle puppets which we used to act out the story. Some of us even introduced new characters into the story too! Learning outdoors allowed us to extend our creativity even further; we collected leaves and other natural treasures which we then used to create a large scale lion. Working as a team paid off as we were very satisfied with our creation.
Class Blog 21st September 2018
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On Tuesday our families joined us in school for our 'Stay and Read' event. We had such a great time demonstrating our reading skills and showing everyone just how much we love to read!


We enjoyed activities such as:


- Reading our favourite stories with our family and friends.

- Taking selfies with our favourite stories from home.

- Using puppets to act out stories.

- Becoming authors and writing our own books.

- Making reading frogs.

- Making and breaking words using magnetic letters.


Our teachers would like to say a huge thank you to our families for making the event so successful!

Class Blog 14th September 2018
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It has been another busy week full of learning in swans class! We are becoming more settled into our new routines and we have learned how to use many new resources in our classroom already. Here we are building words with magnetic letters.


Reading the story of 'Where's my Teddy?' has allowed us to talk about relationships, respect and people who are special to us. We even met the first of our new school value puppets; his name is Reuben and he looks out for children who are respectful. On Thursday we shared photographs of our families which we did with confidence and pride. Our teachers enjoyed learning even more about us and the learning experiences we have had outside of school.  

Class Blog 7th September 2018
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Welcome back to school everyone!

Our teachers were excited to see us skip happily through the school doors on Tuesday to welcome us back into school where we have been learning new routines and meeting new friends. Many of our family members joined us for a shared lunch on Thursday too. Here we had the opportunity to learn what to do at lunchtime and to taste school lunches. Throughout the week we have also drawn self portraits and measured how tall our friends are. Our teachers have been keen to share their love for reading with us. We received a new book for our basket of favourite books which arrived in special wrapping paper. Some of us even brought our favourite stories into school to share with others and we have enjoyed listening to stories using our listening station.