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Ducks and Ducklings

Welcome to Ducks and Ducklings Class!

Class Blog 18th January 2019
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What a busy week we have had in Ducks and Ducklings! Our new teacher, Miss Pratt, started at Birk Hill alongside 7 new Ducklings. Everyone has settled in very well.

We have been learning about Elmer, the patchwork elephant.  The children have been learning how to mix the colour grey with powder paint and have then used it to paint a picture of an elephant.

On Thursday, the Hoop Guy came to visit. The Ducks and Ducklings enjoyed learning hoop skills and some new games.
Class Blog 7th December 2018

What a lovely week we have had in Ducks and Ducklings class! This week we have been getting into the Christmas spirit with lots of Nativity practise and Christmas crafts. We thoroughly enjoyed our family craft morning; it is great having our families join us in school, especially when we get to let our creativity show. 

We ended the week with a fantastic whole school trip to the Pantomime to see Dick Whittington. A big thank you to the grown-ups who came along to help! 

Class Blog 30th November 2018
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A big thank you to all the parents and carers who came to our Ducks and Ducklings assembly this week. We all worked really hard to practise and deliver our assembly. Our teachers were very proud of the learning we shared, and how confidently we spoke in front of a large audience.

As we are such a helpful group in Ducks and Ducklings class, we have spent this week helping our pirate friend again! We used our Maths skills to help count out the correct amount of treasure onto the numbered coins, and then we used our investigation skills to explore floating and sinking objects to find things in our classroom we could use to make a boat.

We had a special visitor on Tuesday who taught us some super street dancing; he was so impressed with our dancing skills!

With next week being the first week of December, we can’t wait to begin the Christmas celebrations at school. We can’t wait to see the surprise our teachers have for us on Monday…

Class Blog 23rd November 2018
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This week in Ducks and Ducklings class we have loved our book, 'Pirates love underpants'. It has been a very exciting week. We have used our mark making skills well to make treasure maps and go on treasure hunts with our friends, and we even received a letter from a pirate! He needed our help to get his treasure out of the ice, so we became scientists and experimented with different ways of melting the ice to get the treasure out for him. We found that warm water was the quickest way.

Our pirate craft morning was our favourite part of the week as we all love being creative and making lots of pirate-themed crafts, including hats and treasure boxes. We can't wait to see what pirate-themed activities we get up to next week!

Class Blog 16th November 2018
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This week in Ducks and Ducklings class we have been celebrating 'Friendship week'. We read the book 'Have you filled a bucket today?' and thought of some lovely ideas for how to fill other people's buckets with kindness, showing our teachers what good, caring friends we are. We made a pledge to keep on filling our friends buckets with kindness by filling a bucket picture with our hand prints; grown-ups will be able to see this up in our classroom next week! 

We finished the week with a big balloon release with our Birk Hill friends. All the balloons had a message of kindness attached with the school email address on; we are hoping that whoever finds the balloons lets Birk Hill know so that we can make some new friends!

Class Blog 9th November 2018
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We’ve had a great start to the new half term in Ducks and Ducklings class! This week we’ve been learning all about the festival of Diwali. We have learnt about the story of Rama and Sita, made Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns, and had a lovely time tasting Indian foods. On our day in India we were really lucky to have our special visitor teach us some Bollywood dancing; we were amazing at it and remembered our Birk Hill way of trying, even when we found it hard.

Our teachers have enjoyed reading all the proud stars our grown ups have brought in this week; keep them coming, please.
Class Blog 26th October 2018
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In Ducks and Ducklings class we really enjoyed our story 'Funnybones' last week so we decided to carry on reading it this week. Using skeleton puppets that we had made, we retold the story on our puppet stage and some of us made up our own version of the story.


As it is getting close to Bonfire Night, we had a class circle time talking about how to stay safe around fireworks; we all thought listening to the grown-ups was the most important thing for keeping safe! To finish off a wonderful half term, we carefully used the coloured pastels to create beautiful firework drawings.


Our teachers hope we have a super half term!

Class Blog 19th October 2018
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This week in Ducks and Ducklings class we have enjoyed looking at our new book, Funnybones. In the story there is a big skeleton and a little skeleton so we decided to look at size in our Maths sessions. We were fantastic at ordering things around the classroom from small to big!

Our teachers got the iPads out for us to have a go on this week and we used the timer to make sure we took turns nicely with our friends. We showed the teachers how sensible we could be and how great we are with technology. 

Class Blog 12th October 2018
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We've had another magical week in Ducks and Ducklings class; we loved our Winnie the Witch book from last week and decided to look at it again. We now know the story so well that we can retell it to our teachers without the book! 

Getting creative and making witches hats has been great fun for us, and we have loved using the hats to role-play as witches.

We are working really hard on our number recognition and have started a new activity called 'Number of the week'. Together we look at the different places where we might see the number, and the different ways to make it. This week our number has been the number 1. 

Class Blog 5th October 2018
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We have had a magical week in Ducks and Ducklings class with our story titled 'Winnie the Witch'. Reading the story has inspired us to write potion recipes in our class spell book! We even helped the teacher to create some potions by carefully counting the ingredients into the cauldron for them. We had a lovely finish to the week with a circle time about how we might feel angry if someone changed us with magic, and how we could manage that anger. Our teachers were so proud of our grown-up ideas!

We all loved sharing our favourite books in show and share; our teachers love to see us enjoying reading!

Class Blog 28th September 2018
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This week in Ducks and Ducklings class we have loved our book of the week, ‘Walking through the Jungle’. We have painted some amazing animal pictures, made some animal puppets with our fantastic helper Mrs Jarvis, and even re-enacted our own version of the story!
One of our values puppets came to visit us this week; his name is Reuben and he likes to see children being respectful. He was really impressed with us in our circle time!
Class Blog 21st September 2018
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It has been another busy week for us all in Ducks and Ducklings class. We started our week with a trip to the local church for a Harvest service. We sat and listened well, and we were really sensible crossing the road; our teachers were so proud of us!

Tuesday morning was very exciting for us as we had a 'Stay and Read' event with our grownups. We had lots of fun sharing our favourite stories, making puppets, putting on puppet shows and using the magnetic letters to make our names/words. We look forward to having more fun events at school with our grownups!

We enjoyed finishing our week looking at each other's baby pictures to see how much we have all grown. 

Class Blog 14th September 2018
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We have had another fantastic week in Ducks and Ducklings class. This week has been a busy one: we shared who were in our families with each other, practised writing our names in the sand and made some big ears for our phonics. We are really proud of our careful listening skills in phonics and our teachers are too. We had an exciting end to the week with the arrival of our brand new sandpit and a Teddy Bears Picnic!

It was the first week of our Ducklings joining us at Birk Hill and they have settled in amazingly. 

Class Blog 7th September 2018
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In Ducks and Ducklings class this week we sprung back into school after six weeks off. We settled straight back into our class; exploring all the exciting things in our provision and creating some lovely self-portraits. Many of us acted as the teacher!

This week we have also had some exciting visits from our new Ducklings before they start with us next week. They have had chance to explore the provision with their parents, and they have been lucky to have some of our Ducks to show them round and explore with them! We are looking forward to them joining us at Birk Hill Infant and Nursery School.